Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Libtard twitter sheepies pounce on false rumor about Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

I guess on Twitter, all it takes is 1 JACKASS to get things going. Then the SHEEPIES AFFECT takes over:

And so it went...on...and....on....and on...more than 1000+ retweets. The only problem...IT WAS A LIE.

Paul Ryan didn't unfollow Mitt Romney on twitter:
Oops! The only problem is that Rep. Ryan never unfollowed Mitt Romney. The @RepPaulRyan account only follows one account: @NationalDebt. What a shock! The @PaulRyanVP account follows over 200 accounts and the first two accounts it followed were @MittRomney and @AnnDRomney. The account still follows both Romneys, as well as Tagg Romney, Josh Romney, and the Romney Bus, among others.
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Anonymous said...

Does this really surprise you?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Biden unfollowed reality, and is now in a undisclosed mental institution.