Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Post-Election Photo of Romney Pumping Gas Emerges

The Right Speak Chat Box is abuzz as the above picture of Mitt Romney, with messed up hair, has surfaced. He pumps his own gas! I guess that doesn't surprise me, as it does others. Did you think his butler did it for him? Apparently, he didn't do enough during the campaign to shake the "out of touch" image that many had of him. Perhaps he thought the picture of him washing dishes was enough.

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Nina said...

People need to stop wasting time being jealous of Mitt Romney and start worrying about how their going to make it thru the next four years.

Anonymous said...

With all the news out there, RW finds this that important to post on a conservative site.

Priorities, I guess.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to listen to the post election revelation messes (Benghazi, Petraeus scandal, rising unemployment, stock market, Sandy troubles, shot at drones, middle east stuff, not to mention 70,000 plus reports of voter problems) without feeling we missed out on a new direction. Gov Romney was out of touch with the main stream media. They had no integrity when it came to reporting on Mitt. As far as some of the establishment party, they also contributed to the misrepresentation. But as far as his loyal supporters (who are many) are concerned he had all the qualifications to be President in this day and time. We really needed a Pres like him. We don't need a best buddy, we need someone who knows how to get the economic mess back in order.

Right Wingnut said...

Great idea, Katrina.

Keep nominating Romney until he wins! Brilliant!

newark hawk said...

@ RW

"Keep nominating Romney until he wins! Brilliant!"

Or - Keep nominating Palin until she wins! Brilliant!

Wake me up when the pit bull with lipstick completes her term as Alaska governor.

And BTW, I was NOT lying about Palin turning down a prime-time speech at the GOP convention. Here's the proof:


(sorry for the dead link)

Right Wingnut said...

Priebus is lying. He was being put on the spot by Levin (who is a huge Palin supporter). He made a calculation here, and concluded that Palin wouldn't call him out on his lie the eve of the convention.

Priebus stated that she had commitments in Alaska? She made it very clear not long before that, that she planned on attending, and that she BLOCKED HER SCHEDULE OFF for that entire week to attend.

Her brother, Chuck Jr. comments at C4P occasionally, and said that she wasn't invited.

Priebus is a liar.

Right Wingnut said...

Lets see, NH.....nearly 20 years of running for office, and ONE general election victory? Yeah....lets keep putting that slug up there. Great idea.

If he ran again (which he won't), he would be out after Iowa. Maybe even before that. The party has moved on from Romney at lightening speed.

Right Wingnut said...

I'm beginning to think me contributing might not work out, long term. LOL.

We're like cats and dogs......

Section9 was urging people to go vote for Romney, so you're wrong about that one too.

Socrates said...

You'll know Romney isn't running in 2016, if Palin decides to hold a rally in NH and Romney shows up on a Jet Ski.

newark hawk said...

PALIN NEVER DENIED the Priebus assertion that she was offered a speaking slot somewhere between 8 & 11 PM.

Refusing to stand up for Romney and the GOP at the convention makes Palin look bad, so if Priebus was lying, Palin would certainly have called him out for it.

If Palin herself won't publicly deny what Preibus said, why should anyone else deny it?

Nobody cares about what her brother Chuck has to say about the matter, except his family & friends. And I'm not even sure that they care.

newark hawk said...

@ RW

Section9 was urging people to vote for Romney???

Yeah, I'm sure he was, just like you were, RW.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

RWN, well, Palin won't likely run. She diminished her seriousness as a candidate when she announced recently that she's putting out a work-out and nutrition book. I loved Palin as much as any other conservative, Christian mom who hated McCain. But she let the horrible actions by people on the Left embitter and marginalize her. If we're going to blame Romney for not being able to unite the party (a Herculean task), we have to hold Palin responsible for her inability to get past the caricature of herself.

I'm not the only person who has taken note of her bitterness in Fox interviews. She didn't like Romney; whatever. But what has she really contributed to conservatism since losing with McCain in 2008? A reality show and now, apparently, an exercise program.

Romney, on the other hand, keeps mobilizing his influence (supported Marco Rubio and other 2010 Tea Party candidates). He will continue to serve quietly, and I don't expect he will run again in 2016. But I'm going to do my part to encourage him anyway. That's how much I believe he was the right man to serve our country as president.

newark hawk said...

@ RW

The "slug" you referred to would be the current President-elect if not for Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie French-kissing Obama(to borrow a phrase) on the Jersey Shore.

40% of voters said Sandy was a factor in their voting decision, and 15% said it was a major factor.

No Sandy, no 2nd term for Obama.

Right Wingnut said...


Huckabee put out a diet book, and gained back 150 lbs, yet that didn't diminish him as a potential candidate.

Romney will have ZERO influence from here on out. You can take that to the bank.

What's up with Mitt Romney Central closing down after 2 weeks? C4P is still going strong 4 years later. What gives?

Right Wingnut said...

Palin wasn't about to start a feud with Priebus on the eve of the RNC, which is exactly what would have happened had she went public with that. His slimy ass will be gone soon anyway.

Right Wingnut said...

Why not just go look up Section9 at C4P, and look through his comment history? Because it's easier just to call me a liar?

Anonymous said...

Love this picture of Romney...and I love that it has garnered as much attention as it has...cracks me up. Romney will be gone from the public scene in record time, except when the GOP wants to look backward in trying to avoid the same missteps in the future...which I don't think is entirely fair.

The GOP will have a difficult time winning a General election for the foreeable future unless unemployment is over 10% and inflation is at Carter levels. The playbook has been written for the Dems and the media going forward regarding general elections and I'm not sure we have any candidate that can win. Between goodies, media adoration and coverup, lies/misrepresentation and the entertainment complex, the GOP is in a heap of trouble. Obama spent four years on the ground in the swing states building a "bad president proof army" that will continue to be built upon these next four years and then handed over to the Clinton machine to use and expand upon.

Another candidate might have been able to make the election closer (NOT ANY WHO ACTUALLY RAN), but the corruption and sole focus being upon re-election and not governing America is a tough cookie to overcome. I witnessed a Media that not only did a character assasination on Romney, (they've always been able to do that), but completely carried the water on EVERY failing of Obama for the last four years...it was quite breathtaking to behold.

I pray I'm wrong, I really do.

RW, don't you dare stop posting...the site needs you and you seem to be the only one that can get the discusssion rolling (even if it's at Romney's expense...haha).


BOSMAN said...


You're right about folks and their image of Romney.

Unfortunately, Romney is from the old school. He grew up in the 60's-70's where many of us felt that tooting your own horn was the last generation. We wanted nothing to do with it.

That's not to say that his faith played a major roll in this as well. Doing good for others because you can and not for adulation.

It wasn't until the Rep convention that many of these stories came out that would invade what Mitt felt was his privacy, yet needed to be told.

So it was a CATCH-22. We had the media who knew there were several stories out there on Romney's good work yet refused to tell the public because it would have put Romney in a different, more positive light.

That fit well with Romney's desire to keep his good deeds private.

newark hawk said...

Romney ran for public office 4 times (1994, 2002, 2008, 2012), won a governorship, won the GOP presidential nomination, and got THISCLOSE to winning the presidential general election.

99.9% of American politicians would give their right arm for that kind of resume.

Right Wingnut said...

on Election Day Tuesday 2 weeks ago

"Voted for Romney days ago.
Good luck to all, and to Governor Palin going forward..."


Right Wingnut said...

By the way, I knew that Romney supporters would like this picture.

That's why I posted it.

I did it for you......

newark hawk said...

@ RW

You must be confused. I never called you a "liar". But you certainly did call me a "liar" earlier today in the comment section of your LA Times/Palin post.

Right Wingnut said...

To be clear, I don't see anything wrong with the photo. It struck me that someone in the chatbox was surprised that he pumps his own gas. I believe this is a Romney supporter.

Right Wingnut said...


I deleted that. You can go back and look.

Right Wingnut said...

Another comment by Section9,

on What’s Past Is Prologue 2 weeks ago

"Palin just explained to everyone why her people should vote for Romney. Yes, I'd rather she was on the ballot. Yes, Romney is a bankster cronytard, but you can't always get what you want.
We have to be about the business of putting the country first. It's what Palin is doing."

Right Wingnut said...

Another....(I hope this is enogh for you. You can look up the rest yourself)

"I was tempted to write in Palin, as well. She'll get her chance, just not now.
One of the reasons Palin didn't conduct an insurgency was simply because she didn't want to help Obama win.
She's voting for Romney, I suspect. You should too."

Right Wingnut said...

New photos of Romney at Disneyland. (This is not a joke.)


Anonymous said...

Fun fact about Gordon...DisneyLand is my favorite place on the planet...nothing comes close.

I love Romney more by the second...thanks for sharing RW. I always loved Romney as a person and thought his successes in life would have made him a fantastic President...losing the election in no way, shape, or form discourages my true Rombot...it's here to stay baby!

Long Live God, Disneyland, Walt Disney, Jeff Gordon and Mitt Romney...and occassionally Blue Moon!

cimbri said...

Detractors like to talk about all of Romney's campaigns, but, could any Republican have beaten Ted Kennedy in 1994 in MA? Did anyone else want to try? No.

Romney challenges the next in line, odds on favorite in 2008, and doesn't get the nomination.

He then wins the nomination against some very tough opponents in 2012. His opponents' supporters and minor fiefdoms such as Palin's had badly splintered the party, and had deliberately dragged out the primaries, in order to weaken Romney for the general election. Because of these splits, a freak hurricane, and the power of incumbency which bought Ohio and Michigan, Romney came up short this year.

Of course, Romney won the governor's job in MA against long odds. This guy doesn't run any easy races, that's for sure. Until someone better comes along, I would support another run.

Anonymous said...

The medias and democrats still not happy for Mitt lose and still hit him until their defeat arrived, nothing in this world is perfect, they won this time but next time will be the republican term to win, Mitt lose because the democrats, Obama,the liberal,the medias,the press,all the news paper(the most) stroked Mitt, attacked Mitt, against Mitt,even lie and did every thing to kill Mitt, who can win in the world if all corner of the country attacked only one people? target only one person unfair,how can he survive? and they won by voters fraud,they registered the illegal and no citizenship and get out the votes,one new said that there are only 70 registered votes but voter count were 900 votes there and in Pennsylvania over 19 590 votes no vote for Mitt,it is impossible, look back in 2008 about the Acorn organization was defeat by votes fraud and no sound about them, this time may be more than that fraud voters, if the economy going the right direction in the next 4 years Obama will has a good legacy but if is not,the American people will be cry in the street by their second mistake and the democrats will be defeat in 2016, that time if no good candidate or no rising star appear, Mitt will be the answer one more time,just like Reagan and Nixon had done it,because the nation need and the country want Mitt,he really was the man of people, he can be every thing,since the bottom to the top,no one in this great country never ever been as he did.

Anonymous said...

I belive Preibus. I had heard from many sources that the queen of quits was invited, but never managed to say 'yes'. I guess she just hoped that she'd be crowned queen of the party and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

What's even funnier is 78 pound, anorexic Palin shopping for toilet paper at K-Mart in her favorite wig and hooker ensemble. Hahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

RWN...Bag of bones Palin doesn't even know that you exist, nor does she care. Keep sending her your money, you fool.