Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo of the Day: Death of an American Icon

May you rest in piece my friend. You gave comfort, when there was none to be found. You made me smile when there was nothing to smile about.

WHO KNEW that your union bakers would rather lose their jobs than to keep you alive. They chose to become takers rather than to stay makers. A casualty of the mentality that permeates the political ideology we now live in and are governed by.

Rest in Peace and know with this won't be alone for long.
"18,500 people had jobs yesterday and knew they weren't going to have jobs anymore when they woke up today,"
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Anonymous said...

Oh the shame, the shame.

And he was so young, only 82.

Anonymous said...

What, no Twinkies bailout?

Anonymous said...

Symbolic? Bad spirts and the ectoplasmic sample when campaign began could be approximately comparable to a twinkie. Now with 75,000 Israeli troops headed into Gaza, taxes tripling, and the badness is increasing, it's as if the ectoplamic bad spirits sample grew to become a twinkie comparable in size to a football field. Way to go, Obamabots.

newark hawk said...

BREAKING: Upon hearing the news of Twinkies' imminent demise, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie - a.k.a. "FATSO" - suffered a near fatal bout with depression, leaving him in a severe catatonic stupor. At last report, Christie was seen driving a stolen 18-wheeler from store to store, stockpiling his beloved Twinkies before they left the supermarket shelves forever. State troopers set up a road block, but to no avail as Christie crashed right through it on his way to a nearby 7-11 store. Not even a phone call from President Obama requesting another photo-op at the Jersey Shore could divert Christie from his mission of collecting every available Twinkie in the Tri-State Region. Stay tuned.