Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Those on Disability payments hit an all time high

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....According to official data published by the Social Security Administration, the record $135.097 billion in disability payments that the federal government distributed in fiscal 2012 was an increase of $7.117 billion from the $127.980 billion in disability payments the federal government distributed in fiscal 2011. 
In the last four fiscal years, federal disability payments have increased from $104.517 billion to $135.097 billion, a jump of $30.58 billion or 29 percent. Over the past decade, annual federal disability payments have more than doubled from the $64.156 billion the government paid out in fiscal 2002. 
Given that the Bureau of Labor Statistics said there were 115,459,000 Americans working full-time in October, the 8,805,353 workers now collecting disability equal about 1 for each 13 full-time workers. 
Forty-four years ago, in November 1968, there were 65,506,000 full-time workers in the United States and 1,291,339 workers collecting disability—or approximately 1 worker on disability for each 51 full-time workers.....
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I know...I know....the Government must have been insensitive to the needs of it's workers during the 60's. 1 in 51 full time workers collected disability then vs. 1 in 13 now. Many of those folks probably worked in pain...or Heaven forbid, had a work ethic and were to proud to complain.

We've come a long way.......haven't we?

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Bob said...

We've come a long way alright. We're almost at the point now where 50+ % of Americans are receiving some type of entitlement or Government benefit.

Then What?

Ohio JOE said...

I have no trouble paying for somebody who is truly disabled, but enough is enough. Frankly, unless somebody is totally disabled, even those who are partially disabled should have to do some work.

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage.