Friday, November 16, 2012

Was Petraeus pushed out over wanting to defend CIA over Benghazi?

We now may be finding out why General Petraeus was being investigated. Insurance perhaps for if/when team Obama didn't like what he MIGHT say.
A few days ago, one report on l’affaire Petraeus had CIA Director David Petraeus thinking that he would survive the exposure of an extramarital sexual relationship with his biographer Paula Broadwell. That idea received a round of mirthful derision, but a new report about Petraeus’ last days at the CIA suggests that his resignation had a lot less to do with sexual and e-mail indiscretions than first thought, too. The Wall Street Journal’s look at the fall of Petraeus focuses on the singular and noteworthy CIA timeline issued to defend itself in the debate over the terrorist attack in Benghazi, and suggests that the Obama administration wanted Petraeus out because of it..
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1 comment:

Katrina L. Lantz said...

We have a lawyer in the White House... of course he's going to discredit the witness before he can testify.

How people can actually believe Barack Obama when he claims not to know his CIA chief was under investigation, or that his ambassador in Libya was requesting more security for several months, or that all indicators on the ground in Benghazi pointed to a concerted, highly armed attack, is just beyond me.

Everything that's going on stinks of Chicago thuggery. Sure enough, our president had yet another meeting with Rahm Emanuel today. It's truly upsetting to know that our chief executive in this great country is bribing, blackmailing, and lying with every breath.

Could have really used the "Gosh president," to quote Miller.