Monday, November 19, 2012

Sen Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) delivers this week's Republican address (Full Video 11-17-12)

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Anonymous said...

Too much social engineering in the tax code. All people ought to have the same due process. I hate the death taxes on inherited property. If people were paying taxes on property all through their life, how is this fair?

The one thing all the government should unite around is lowering taxes. We don't want the rich leaving our country. We don't want this country to tax them more than all the other nations would. Pls stop.

As far as working with Obama, not on your life. We sent this landslide groups to Congress to stop the extremist, not appease him. We are the boss, not Obama.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic when Republicans deny the obvious. Democrats run on entitlements and bribery. It is their campaign slogan and record. Why disagree with Romney about Santa Claus mentality of the Democrat Party? Are these turncoats phony Republicans? Sure seems likely.