Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If it's not the Atheists, It's the Unions: Bad vibes during the Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas seasons

Union Protests hope to put the whammy on the holiday season:

The 2012 War on Christmas has begun: Santa Monica, CA:

NOTE: The injunction application has been denied, meaning the city wins and there will be no nativity displays.

Mayor of Alsip, IL gives in to Atheists:
To avoid what could be a costly lawsuit, the village of Alsip will break with tradition and not erect a cross on its water tower near the Tri-State Tollway this holiday season. 
The cross had been a fixture since the 1970s, Mayor Patrick Kitching said Monday. But after the Freedom from Religion Foundation, based in Madison, Wis., advised Kitching it would file a lawsuit demanding removal of the cross, citing separation of church and state, Kitching decided to not wage a losing and likely costly legal battle. 
“I really am. It’s a tradition, and our tradition has been slapped down. They told me an anonymous person complained. I doubt that,” Kitching said. “I think they (foundation members) were driving down the tollway and saw our cross.”
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Satin wins again!