Friday, July 31, 2015


The Fool And Indian Rush In If Hillary Fails To Tread

Donald Trump on ILLEGALS: ‘I’m a Believer in the Merit System’ (includes video)

Carly Fiorina: 'Here's what I will do as Commander in Chief' (includes video From the Reagan Library 07-27-15)

Federal Judge: U.S. Violating Agreement in Detention of Young ILLEGALS

Ted Cruz Speaks at #WomenBetrayed Students For Life Rally (Full speech 07-28-15)

Marco Rubio talks National Security with APPS (Full video 07-28-15)

Scott Walker on Homegrown terrorism ( Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-30-15)

Rick Perry's Speech 'Reforming Wall Street' at The Committee To Unleash Prosperity (Full video 07-29-15)

Ted Cruz Speaks at Press Roundtable on the Iran Deal (Full statement 07-28-15)

Bobby Jindal: Voters don't want pundits picking their nominees (Full interview on 'America's Newsroom' 07-30-15)

Chris Christie on Planned Parenthood (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 07-30-15)

Rick Perry talks Economic Reform ahead of 2016 (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-30-15)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Iran Unlikely to Be Required to Disclose Past Nuclear Weapons Work

Immigration Irresponsibility Well Documented

Will the real Donald Trump please stand up?

Next Step for Drones: Defending Against Them

Ted Cruz on the on the Mike Gallagher Show (Full Audio 07-28-15)

Marco Rubio interview 'On the Record' (full interview 07-29-15)

Ben Carson in 'The Center Seat (full interview with Bret Baier 07-29-15)

Rick Perry urges for a 'real focus' on the Economy (full interview with Sean Hannity 07-29-15)

Ted Cruz st Senate Hearings on Iran Deal and IRS Targeting Conservatives (2 Videos 07-29-15)

Bobby Jindal on Fox News 'Outnumbered' (3 Video segments 07-29-15)

Chris Christie provides insight into latest 2016 politics (full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-29-15)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yes, The World Is Wrong About Iran

Hillary's Hired Defender: You May Not Trust Her, But She'll Lead You Well

House GOP Put the Brakes on the Senate's Six-Year Highway Bill with Strings Attached

California Judge indicates He'll Dismiss Right-To-Die Lawsuit

Ted Cruz Discusses Breaking the #WashingtonCartel in interview with Howie Carr (Full interview 07-27-15)

Rick Perry on Fox News 'The Five' (2 video segments 07-28-15)

Ben Carson sounds off about Planned Parenthood controversy (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 07-28-15)

Mike Huckabee on Fox News 'Outnumbered' (3 video segments 07-28-15)

Chris Christie Defends his Record on Guns (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 07-28-15)

Donald Trump interview 'On the Record' (Full video 07-28-15)

Chris Christie slams Obama's 'disrespect for the law' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-27-15)

Rand Paul hopes Planned Parenthood videos are 'wake-up call' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-28-15)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

President Obama's Sanctuary For Killers?

Equality Act: The Next Battle in the Gay Rights Movement Kicks Off on Capitol Hill

A Personal War: America’s Marxist Allies Against ISIS

The VA has 41,500 Unfilled Medical Jobs, Forcing Vets into Costly Private Care

Ted Cruz: Iran Deal Makes Obama Admin 'Leading Financier of Radical Islamic Terror' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-27-15)

Scott Walker Defends Record against Trump Attack (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 07-27-15)

Mike Huckabee on 2016, Social Security, Planned Parenthood (Full segment 'The Five' 07-27-15)

Carly Fiorina interview with WHO-Radio (Full interview 07-24-15)

Mike Huckabee defends comparison of Iran Agreement to Holocaust on 'The Five' (full Segment 07-27-15)

Donald Trump interview with Sean Hannity (Full interview 07-27-15)

Sen. Ted Cruz responds to Senate Colleagues' remarks on Senate Floor (Full video o7-26-15)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Talking To Iran Is Like Talking To Nazis

Cutting Troops But Letting the Civilian Army Swell

Turkey to Let U.S. Military Use Its Base to Launch Strikes Against ISIS

Op-ed: Less Than 60 Days and Counting

U.S Disability Program Nearly Broke

Ted Cruz interview with Rush Limbaugh (Full interview 07-24-17)

John Kasich Full Interview on NBC's 'Meets the Press' (Uncut video 07-26-15)

Carly Fiorina on Clinton: 'It's Absolutely Crystal Clear She Broke the Rules' (Full interview with Chris Wallace 07-26-15)

Rand Paul interview with Chris Wallace (Full video 07-26-15)

Rick Perry Interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' ( 2 video segments 07-26-15)

Rand Paul Interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (4 video segments 07-26-15)

Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump Sells 'Fear and Prejudice' (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' 07-26-15)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

1 Bad Deal, 2 On The Side

America's New Rulers: The U.N.

Avoiding the Trump Trap on Immigration

OBAMAmess: Medicaid Enrollment Surges as States worry about Paying for Added Care

Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Controversy Ends after 25 Years

Ted Cruz Plays Hardball with Chris Matthews (Full interview 07-23-15)

John Kasich interview with Neil Cavuto (Full Video 07-23-15)

Mike Huckabee on the 2016 Republican race (Full interview on Fox News 07-25-15)

Bobby Jindal Town Hall Remarks in Ames, IA (Full video 07-21-15)

George Pataki on Hillary Clinton and making the first debate cut? (Full interview 07-25-15)

Ted Cruz Takes Down Code Pink Hecklers on Iran (Full video 07-23-15)

Mike Huckabee on Trump's impact in the presidential race (Full interview 07-25-15)

Jeb Bush speaks in Aiken, SC (Full amateur video 07-22-15)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Iran Inspections in 24 Days? Not Even Close

Obama's Iran Blunder Presages A Catastrophe

Democrats to Republicans: Ignore The New Red Line Of Spend More - Or Else!

Need a Jolt To Fire You Up or Calm You Down?

Ted Cruz: McConnell's a Liar Speech (Full speech 07-24-15)

Marco Rubio questions on John Kerry, Ernest Moniz & Jack Lew on the Iran Deal (Full video 07-23-15)

John Kasich interview on CNN (Full interview 07-23-15)

Scott Walker talks with ALEC in San Diego, CA (Full Speech 07-23-15)

Mike Huckabee talks with ALEC in San Diego, CA (Full Speech 07-23-15)

George Pataki speaks at Stop Iran Rally in NYC (Full amateur video 07-22-15)

Carly Fiorina gave remarks at Tassle Ridge Winery in Leighton, IA (Full video 07-22-15)

Friday, July 24, 2015


Chattanooga Suddenly Closer To Iran Than We Thought

ISIS reportedly using Information Leaked by Edward Snowden to evade Intelligence Authorities

Op-ed: Changing the Realities of History

Democratic Party Machinery Shows Rust

Sharks? World War II Bombs also are a Beach Peril

Marco Rubio in the 'Center Seat' (Full interview with Bret Baier 07-23-15)

Ted Cruz reacts to GOP criticism of Donald Trump (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 07-23-15)

Bobby Jindal: The more you attack Trump, the stronger He Gets (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 07-23-15)

George Pataki blasts NY minimum wage hike for fast food workers (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 07-23-15)

Rick Santorum slams GOP for inaction on Planned Parenthood (Full interview on 'America's Newsroom 07-23-15)

Carly Fiorina on why she would be a great foreign policy leader (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-22-15)

Rand Paul Says Iran Nuke Deal Off to Bad Start (Full interview with Lou Dobbs 07-23-15)

Lindsey Graham fires back at Donald Trump's Jab (Full interview 07-23-15)

Donald Trump Press Conference at Mexican Border (Full video 07-23-15)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Sweden Should Join NATO (And You Should Let Us In)

2016 Presidential Hopefuls: Hidden Achilles' Heels

126 Things to Know About 21 Candidates Running in 2016

In Foreign Policy, Gains Matter As Much As Goals

Kenya Witch Doctor Foretells Obama Visit

Ted Cruz interview with Sean Hannity (Full video 07-22-15)

John Kasich: 'I'm not going to be concerned about distractions' (Full interview 'On the Record' 07-22-15)

Marco Rubio on 2016 and the Immigration Debate (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends 07-22-15)

Mike Huckabee: 'America's nightmare of abortion needs to end' (Full interview on Fox News 07-22-15)

Chris Christie hits Rand Paul, defends record as NJ governor (interview on 'The Five' 07-22-15)

Rick Santorum lays out his plan for defeating ISIS (Interview on 'Outnumbered' 07-22-15)

Donald Trump on opposing GOP candidates (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-22-15)

Lindsey Graham on Iran Nuclear Agreement Briefing with Sec. Kerry (Full video 07-22-15)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sanctuary Cities Invite Terrorists Into Our Nation

Even With Crowded 2016 Field, GOP Donors Are Still Holding Back

Op-ed: A Diplomatic Trial Run

Iran's Ayatollah Says Nuclear Deal Will Not Change Iran’s Relations With The U.S.

The IRS Hangs Up On 8.8 MILLION Taxpayers

KATE'S LAW: Ted Cruz at Hearing on the Administration’s Immigration Enforcement (Full video SJC 07-21-15)

John Kasich on his vision for America (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-21-15)

Carly Fiorina enters the 'No Spin Zone' (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 07-21-15)

Rick Perry slams Trump: Americans want solutions, not rhetoric (Full interview on America's Newsroom" 07-21-15)

Rand Paul takes a Chainsaw to US Tax Code in new ad (Full interview on 'America's Newsroom' 07-21-15)

Bobby Jindal Accuses Obama of Mixing Politics with Tragedy (Full interview Fox News 07-21-15)

Rick Santorum: Media loves GOP's 'food fight' (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 07-21-15)

John Kasich 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement (Full video 07-21-15)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Wednesday, July 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig Andresen and Diane Sori will discuss Obama's newest use of deception to cover a very sad reality, how Obama is using Cuba as a template to mask a much greater evil that will surely come, and Donald Trump's slap in the face to our veterans.

Hope you can tune in:
And chat with us live during both shows at: 

There's A Muslim Insurgency Inside America And We Have To Fight Like There's One

Obama’s False Iran Choice

Putin is at it Again: This time in Georgia

Japan Moves Closer on Plan to Expand Military amid Warnings from China

Rick Perry: Trump Doesn't Have the Character, Temperament to Be President (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-20-15)

Ben Carson Press Conference - FLS 2015 (Full video 07-18-15)

Carly Fiorina: Americans tired of 'professional, political class (Full interview 'On the Record' 07-20-15)

Rick Santorum on GOP field, foreign policy challenges, 2016 race (Full interview on 'Special Report' 07-20-15)

Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump is a 'jackass' (CNN Video 07-20-15)

Donald Trump on Criticizing John McCain (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 07-20-15)

Jeb Bush on Federal Spending (Full video 07-20-15)

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Snapback's Just Snake Oil

OBAMAgration: Homeland Security Finally Moves to Comply with Judge Hanen's Immigration Injunction

Op-ed: Violating the Constitution Yet Again

FRANCE: 3 Suspected Islamic Radicals Planned to Behead Military Officer at Fort Bear

Scores of ISIL Child Soldiers 'killed' in Syria in 2015

Marco Rubio on CNN's 'State of The Union (Full interview 07-19-15)

Scott Walker on CNN's 'State of The Union (3 video segments 07-19-15)

Mike Huckabee on Fox News 'Tight Spot' (Full interview 07-19-15)

Ben Carson speaks at Event in Mason City, IA (Amateur video 07-16-15)

Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear Deal (Full interview CBS's 'Face the Nation' 07-19-15)

John Bolton: Nuke Deal 'Paves the Way' for Iran to Get Nuclear Weapons (Full interview on Fox News 07-19-15)

Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran Nuclear Deal (Full interview ABC's 'This Week' 07-19-15)

Donald Trump Responds to Backlash Over His Criticism of John McCain's War Record (Full interview on Fox News 07-19-15)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

'ISIS will benefit' from the Iran Nuclear Deal

Racial Activists Need To Keep The Civil War Going

REPORT: Pro-Russian Rebels as Being Responsible for Shooting Down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 with Russian Buk Missile

U.S. Military Relax Defense Ties With Egypt After Years Of Restrictions On Arms Sales And Operations

Ted Cruz at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Marco Rubio at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Ben Carson at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Scott Walker at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Mike Huckabee at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Rick Perry at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Bobby Jindal at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Rick Santorum at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Donald Trump at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Lindsey Graham at the 2015 at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA (Full video 07-18-15)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

IRAN DEAL: One Giant Leap Into An Inferno

OBAMA PART 3: Hillary Clinton Is Running On Barack Obama's Policies

Will ObamaCare Enrollees Have Their Data Stolen Too?

MEXIFORNIA: UCLA Offers Paid Internships To Illegal Immigrant Students

Ted Cruz: Any President worth his salt would Overturn Iran Deal (PBS interview 07-15-15)

Ben Carson talks National Security in Dubuque, IA (Full amateur video 07-15-15)

Scott Walker speaks & tours South Carolina (Full amateur video 07-15-15)

Mike Huckabee: Tennessee Shooting Echoes 2009 Attack in Little Rock (Full interview on Fox News 07-17-15)

Bobby Jindal on what liberals don't get about Radical Islam (Full interview on 'The Kelly File' 07-17-15)

Lt Col Ralph Peters: 'Terrorists Don't Have Rights, Get Over It' (Full interview ''O'Reilly Factor' 07-17-15)

Rudy Giuliani: Time to increase surveillance following Tennessee attack? (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-17-15)

Friday, July 17, 2015


America's Greatest Threat Is Disregard For The Law

When Will We Let Our Military Defend Itself From Terrorists?

Report: 276 Santuary Cities Released Over 8,000 ILLEGALS With Criminal Records This Year

Op-ed: Unforeseen Ramifications Abound

Boy Scouts Executive Committee Endorses Ending Ban On Gay Leaders (auto-on audio)

Ted Cruz Remarks at Export-Import Bank Press Conference (Full video 07-15-15)

Ben Carson Responds to Defenders of Fetal Organ Harvesting (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 07-16-15)

Scott Walker: 'We're at War and Radical Islamic Terrorism Is Our Enemy' (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 07-16-15)

Rick Perry hits back at Trump's Border Comments (Full interview on Fox News 07-16-15)

Donald Trump: 'Absolutely Ridiculous' Marines Not Allowed to Carry Guns at Centers (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 07-16-15)

Lindsey Graham on “America’s Role in the World” (Full Video Atlantic Council 07-08-15)

Rick Perry speaks at Rustic Brew in Hampton, IA (Full amateur video 07-13-15)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Unchecked ILLEGALS Crime Wave

Social Engineering: Resettling Poor Proven Failure

Do Churches Have a Responsibility to Turn over Illegal Immigrants?

The Digital Doctor Is In: Next Wave In Health Care

Ted Cruz calls for Defunding of Planned Parenthood (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 07-15-15)

Marco Rubio on Efforts to Override Iran Nuclear Deal (Full interview on 'America's Newsroon' 07-15-15)

Scott Walker speaks in Las Vegas, NV (Full amateur video 07-14-15)

Rand Paul takes issue with early Iran Sanctions Release (Full interview on Fox News 07-15-15)

Donald Trump talks Twitter feud with El Chapo, deal with Iran (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 07-15-15)

Rick Perry speaks at Clear Lake Yacht Club in IA (Full amateur video 07-13-15)

Jeb Bush on whether the country wants a Third President Bush (Full interview with Bret Baier 07-15-15)

Rand Paul introduces Bill to crack down on Sanctuary Cities (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-14-15)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The Iran Deal Sucks! Can/Will Congress Stop It? (includes Entire Text of Deal)

Chapo Guzman Helps Keep the Spotlight on Trump

Op-ed: Making A Deal With The Devil

Obama kindly Reviews His ISIS Strategy for us: It's Going Good

Say What? ObamaCare Ruling May Stop Obama's Immigration Action

Ted Cruz interview at the Jack Kemp Foundation (Full video 07-14-15)

Donald Trump speaks in Phoenix, AZ (Full amateur video 07-11-15)

Dick Cheney Warns Against Iran Nuclear Deal (Full interview with Sean Hannity 07-14-15)

Rick Perry Speaks to Active Voters in Newhall, IA (Full amateur video 07-11-15)

Carly Fiorina on Nuclear Deal with Iran: Bad Behavior Pays (Full interview on Fox News 07-14-15)

Mike Huckabee blasts nuke deal: I don't trust Obama or Iran (Full interview on Fox News 07-14-15)

Ted Cruz's take: Sanctuary cities, El Chapo vs. Trump (Full interview 'On the Record' 07-14-15)

Lindsey Graham: Obama has created Mideast nuclear arms race (Full segment on 'Outnumbered' 07-14-15)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Medicare Plans to Pay Doctors for Counseling on End of Life

OOPS! Trump in 2012 Attacked Romney for Being Too Tough On ILLEGALS

Voters’ Summer Flings With Candidates Typically Don’t Last

FBI Erred in Gun Sale to Charleston Suspect

Ted Cruz interview with Laura Ingraham (Full interview 07-07-15)

Governor Scott Walker 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement (Full video 07-13-15)

Mike Huckabee: Sanctuary Cities a Formal Way of Breaking the Law (Full interview 07-13-15)

Christian Science Monitor Breakfast with Rick Santorum (Full video 07-13-15)