Saturday, July 18, 2015

OBAMA PART 3: Hillary Clinton Is Running On Barack Obama's Policies

Economics: Barack Obama told voters before 2014's midterm elections that, while he couldn't be on the ballot, they could still vote for his policies. Guess what? In 2016, Obama's policies will be on the ballot again.
Obama's policies in 2014 suffered a historic trouncing by voters. But they haven't disappeared. Far from it. The agenda that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, unveiled on Monday contains almost the entire arsenal of Obama legislative and regulatory policies.
She strongly endorsed ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank financial regulations, while calling for more taxes on businesses, more government spending, more regulations on employers, more union-friendly policies and a higher minimum wage. She calls it "fair growth."
Why this latest Hillary Clinton reinvention? It's the Bernie Sanders effect. The Vermont senator, an avowed socialist, who was first viewed by many as a laughable addition to the race — has gained ground on Hillary by calling for 70% or more tax rates, slamming Wall Street, and expanding the entitlement state.
What's sad is that the more centrist positions that defined Bill Clinton's "New Democrat" model have vanished from the public square. New Democrats in the 1990s ran on welfare reform, free trade, fiscal responsibility, and "reinventing government." But here, Hillary isn't espousing reinventing government — but reinventing herself and her belief structure.
Obama beat Hillary in 2008 by moving to the left of her. To prevent that in 2016, she's now tacked so far to the left, the good ship Queen Hillary could capsize.
Hillary 3.0 shouldn't be confused as a government reform agenda — but a government expansion manifesto.
Her call for more child care and public infrastructure spending (paid for with more debt), more government-imposed mandated benefits on employers, more federal regulations to make it easier for the big labor bosses to unionize plants, minimum-wage hikes, more taxes on hedge funds and U.S. corporations with foreign earnings, and more green energy subsidies broadens the size and scope of Washington at every turn.
Anything here sound new?
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