Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Is Obama Stiff-Arming The Kurds?

War On Terror: Refusing to help the only people effectively fighting the IS scourge is just one of Obama's many foreign-policy failures. And as we celebrate the 239th anniversary of our freedom, it's the most inexplicable.
Of all of Barack Obama's counterproductive foreign-policy inactions fueling conspiracy theories, his indifference to and mistreatment of the Kurds is the most disturbing.
Kurdish forces head out to battle Islamic State 
terrorists in a converted civilian truck. AP
That ethnic group was the largest that failed to get its own country when World War I victors redrew the region's boundaries. Iranian mercenaries aside, Kurds are the only ones who've shown the skill and will to fight IS and win.
Yet this president refuses to help them directly, in professed deference to the central government of Iraq, which is aligning itself with Iran anyway.
When Obama hastily withdrew all U.S. troops in 2011, he left in Baghdad some $200 million in military equipment designated for the Kurds. Guess what? It never got to them. In fact, fleeing Iraqi troops last winter simply abandoned countless tons of U.S. equipment to advancing IS forces.
They have left the determined but outgunned Kurds aiming their antiquated gear against a menace now armed with modern American weapons intended for the Kurds to use against them.
How's that for letting one of the region's few pro-American groups swing in the deadly hot wind? Yet the Kurds fight on, undaunted.
Obama has consistently denied weapons help to friends in need, while facilitating continued nuclear weapons development by Iran's terrorist-backing regime and igniting a Gulf arms race. Remember the Syrian moderates fighting the Assad regime that Obama said must fall? The moderates, not al-Qaida, were decimated for Obama's indecision. Or democratic Ukraine that needs heavy weapons against Russian-backed insurgents? Obama responded with tents and field meals.
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