Wednesday, July 1, 2015

U.K. Trial Begins for Men Accused of Helping Teenager Join Islamic State

Prosecutors say three defendants were vital cogs in logistical wheel enabling Aseel Muthana to hook up with ISIS
The trial of three men accused of helping a British teenager make his way to Syria to join Islamic State fighters began here on Friday, providing a rare insight into networks helping facilitate travel and funding for Westerners joining militant groups.
Prosecutors alleged the three defendants were vital cogs in the logistical wheel that enabled 17-year-old Aseel Muthana to leave his life as a Cardiff ice-cream salesman for the battlefields of northern Syria. In traveling to Syria, he followed in the footsteps of his older brother, who shot to notoriety last summer when he appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video extolling the virtues of holy war.
Adeel Ulhaq (TOP), Forhad Rahman 
(MIDDLE), Kristen Brekke (BOTTOM)
Mr. Muthana is believed still to be in Syria.
The three defendants— Kristen Brekke, 19s, Forhad Rahman and Adeel Ulhaq, both 21—deny charges of preparing terrorist acts. Mr. Ulhaq faces an additional charge of funding terrorism, which he denies. The trial is continuing.
Among evidence prosecutors presented in court on Friday was a list found on Mr. Rahman’s computer titled: “Handy Hints For Someone Wanting To Go To Syria.” The list pointed out essentials to take and what to avoid.
“Travel light. Clothes will get dirty. Clothes should be clothes you’d throw away,” read the list, according to prosecutors. Another entry had advice on the type of phone to carry: “ Samsung products are better here. Don’t get an iPhone.”
The case is among the first to shine a light on cells accused of aiding and abetting heavy flows of Europeans and others in the West to Syria and Iraq to fight on behalf of militants. Police say they are battling mushrooming cells of homegrown extremists who share know-how, contacts and even funds to allow would-be fighters to journey to Syria.
Abu Muthanna al-Yemeni, believed to be Isis 
propagandist Nasser Muthana, the brother of 
Aseel Muthana. Photograph:Getty Imageses
U.K. authorities estimate some 700 people have traveled from Britain to Syria to join militant groups since the start of that country’s civil war, about half of whom have returned. Police say they are pursuing hundreds of open investigations following Islamic State’s dramatic rise to prominence.
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