Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama kindly Reviews His ISIS Strategy for us: It's Going Good

ISIS enforces its POW Policy.
The president of the United States on Monday allowed two media questions about ISIS, suggesting reporters should be grateful. "I didn’t even plan to do this," Obama said. "You guys got two bonus questions."
The questions Barack Obama permitted came after his prepared remarks during a Pentagon photo-op following an alleged meeting on the rampaging terror group 11 months after the president said he had no strategy and 10 months after he announced one that hasn't seemed to accomplish much.
ISIS executes a suspected homosexual by
throwing him off a roof
His performance was classic Obama -- full of fudge words, misleading claims, unverifiable assertions and blaming others for mis-calculations. The president even pulled out his tired "Whack-a-Mole" image as an excuse for why the United States is not doing more to counter the bloody spread of ISIS affiliates now far beyond Iraq and Syria. And potentially the homeland.
Maybe you remember how the Nobel Peace Prize winner launched regime-change war on Libya when its dictator threatened to kill civilians? Now that ISIS is bravely executing thousands of bound prisoners, Obama is all about others doing the dirty work with American help.
That "strategy," combined with Obama's unrelenting suck-up to Iran, has proven so convincing to our one-time regional allies, that Saudi Arabia's king will make his first visit to Moscow this summer to talk with his new buddy, Vladimir Putin.
Here are some of Obama's ISIS claims:
"Our coalition has now hit ISIL with more than 5,000 airstrikes." The president didn't have time to admit that 90% of strikes are U.S. and 75% of sorties return with ordnance un-dropped due to his cumbersome targeting protocols.
"ISIL is backed by no nation." ISIL has no NFL team either. But neither fact seems to have blunted its bloody onslaught absent any meaningful military opposition, save the Kurds in places.
"Its unrestrained brutality often alienates those under its rule, creating new enemies." Although those folks tend to end up dead, either without heads or with a large hole in the back of them.
"We’re intensifying our efforts against ISIL’s base in Syria." What does that even mean? That's pol-speak for "Trust me I'm doing something."
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