Saturday, July 11, 2015

Right to Death? California Assisted-Suicide Bill Stalls Under Pressure

Where's Justice Kennedy, This sounds like it's right up his ally? After all, he invented The Right of Dignity, why not the Right of Death as well:
A bill that would have made California one of a handful of states to legalize assisted suicide for terminally ill patients was put on hold Tuesday after pressure from a coalition of secular and religious groups.
The legislation received a boost in May, when the California Medical Association became the first state medical association to change its position on the issue and dropped its opposition. The state Senate passed the bill in June.
But the authors—state Democratic Sens. Bill Monning and Lois Wolk, and Assemblywoman Talamantes Eggman—couldn’t muster the votes in the state Assembly to move it out of the health committee this year. They released a statement saying they wouldn’t bring the End of Life Option Act to a vote, but would “continue to work with Assembly Members to ensure they are comfortable with the bill.”
The measure was opposed by secular and religious groups, including the Catholic archdiocese of Los Angeles.
“We cannot allow California to become a place where we respond to human suffering by simply making it easier for people to kill themselves,” Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez wrote in a letter to the chairman of the Assembly Committee on Health. “In a for-profit health care system driven by financial concerns, doctor-assisted suicide will not be a ‘choice’ for minorities, the poor and those without health care. It will become their only ‘option.’ ”
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