Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Obama Has Issued 19 Secret Directives

Roberts Makes Key Factual Mistake At The Start Of His ObamaCare Decision

INVASION OF EUROPE: E.U. Leaders Fail to Agree on Quotas to Spread Migrants Across Bloc

How Did Americans Spend Their Time In 2014?

Ted Cruz on SCOTUS Decision: 'It Was Judicial Activism at Its Worst' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 06-29-15)

Ted Cruz Speaks at Drake University (Full Video 06-27-15)

Scott Walker Speech and Q&A at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado (Full video 06-27-15)

Carly Fiorina Speech and Q&A at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado (Full video 06-27-15)

Mike Huckabee Speech and Q&A at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado (Full video 06-27-15)

Ben Carson Speech and Q&A at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado (Full video 06-27-15)

Rick Perry Speech and Q&A at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado (Full video 06-27-15)

Rick Santorum Speech and Q&A at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado (Full video 06-26-15)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Obama's Incredible Insult: Racism inhabits Americans' DNA

Iran Leader’s New and Unreasonable Terms Complicate Talks

Op-ed: Three Issues Soon to be Decided...Part 3 of 3

NATO General Philip Breedlove Sees Threat of Pro-Moscow Rebel Offensive in Ukraine

Roberts Court Surprises Observers on Left and Right

Ted Cruz Hits Back at the Press/Media (Full interview on Fox News' 'Tight Spot' 06-28-15)

Paul Ryan interview on ABC's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 06-28-15)

John Kasich interview on ABC's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 06-28-15)

Mike Huckabee: Supreme Court Case Was About 'Marriage Redefinition' (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' 06-28-15)

Rick Santorum on conservative challenge to gay marriage ruling (Full interview on Fox News 06-28-15)

Bobby Jindal Left Will Go After First Amendment Rights (full interview on NBC's 'Meet the Press' 06-28-15)

Donald Trump interview on CNN's 'State of the Union' (Full interview 06-28-15)

Lindsey Graham interview on NBC's 'Meet The Press' (Full video 06-28-15)

Trey Gowdy interview on ABC's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 06-28-15)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bribing Iran is a Strategy For Disaster

Obama Advisor's Communist Kin

TERROR ON THREE CONTINENTS: Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Revive Concerns on Security

Mexican Flag-Waving ILLEGAL Has Had A Cushy Ride ... OUT OF THE SHADOWS!

NEW STUDY: One Government Subsidy It's Not Crazy To Turn Down

Ted Cruz Discusses SCOTUS Decitions with Sean Hannity (Full interview 06-26-15)

Rick Perry: SCOTUS 'Overstepped Its Bounds and Legislated From the Bench' (Full interview Fox News 06-27-15)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hillary, Pay Your Interns

Iran Negotiators Willing to Breach Deadline on Nuclear Talks

Obama’s Cyber Meltdown: The Chinese Attack on Federal Personnel Files Keeps Getting Worse

INVASION OF EUROPE: One Man's Crusade to Catch ILLEGALS crossing His Land in England

The New American Dream Under Obama: RENTING

Ted Cruz interview on PBS with Tavis Smiley (Full video 06-23-15)

Marco Rubio holds town hall in Exeter, NH (Full video 06-25-15)

Carly Fiorina Full interview with Sean Hannity (Full video 'Sean Hannity Show' 06-25-15)

Mike Huckabee Q&A At Town Hall in Marion Co, IA (Amateur Video 6-26-15

Bobby Jindal at the Politics and Eggs Event at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire (Full video 06-25-15)

Mike Huckabee blasts Same-Sex Marriage Ruling (Full video from 'The Kelly File' 06-26-15)

Friday, June 26, 2015


5 Former Obama Advisers Warn: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘May Fall Short’ of Standards

If You Plan on Using UBER to Get Somewhere ... Leave the Gun at Home

Op-ed: Three Issues Soon to be Decided...Part 2

Will the Liberal Media, Democrats and Pro-Choicers answer Mike Huckabee's Question on the Pope's Climate Change Encyclical?

INVASION Of EUROPE: Hold The Global Creators Of Refugees Accountable

Ted Cruz at the Heritage Foundation: "The People vs. The Washington Cartel: Restoring Liberty in the Age of Cronyism" (Full video 06-24-15)

Ted Cruz Gives Floor Speech BLASTING SCOTUS Decision on Obamacare (Full Speech 06-25-15)

Scott Walker: GOP must redouble efforts to repeal, replace O'Care (Full video 'from 'On the Record' 06-25-15)

Sen. Rand Paul denies GOP is relieved by ObamaCare ruling (Full video from Fox News 06-25-15)

Rick Santorum: ObamaCare is not working (Full video from the Neil Cavuto Show 06-25-15)

Ben Carson: ObamaCare 'Violates the Whole Tenor of America' (Full video from 'The Kelly File' 06-25-15)

Lindsey Graham on Supreme Court Health Care Decision (Full video 06-25-15)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time To Crack Down On Islamic State-Supporting Mosques

Veterans Health Care: Last Years's Outrage over Waiting Lists Leads to Longer Waiting Lists

Defense Secretary Ash Carter: U.S. Will Provide Air/Sea Based Weaponry and Forces for NATO Rapid-Response Force

The Pleasure Killers: 5 Reasons Why The FDA Should Not Ban Trans Fats

Paul Ryan on the Prospects for a Tax Overhaul

Ted Cruz in Center Seat at Fox News 'Special Report' (Full video 06-24-15)

Bobby Jindal: 'We need to take our country back' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 06-24-15)

Rand Paul on Tax Cut Proposal: It 'Would Cut Spending in a Dramatic Way' (Full video 'On the Record' 06-24-15)

Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott on Charleston Shootings (Full video 06-24-15)

Governor Bobby Jindal 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement (Full video 06-24-16)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Selective Rage and Media Coverage of the Confederate Flag Controversy

Obama Gives Free Pass to Businesses that Hire ILLEGALS

Op-ed: Three Issues Soon to be Decided...Part 1

U.S. Court of Appeals Orders Feds to Find and Return Deported Mother and Daughter from Guatemala

The State of the Kurds

Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Trade Deal on the 'Mark Levin Show' (Full interview 06-23-15)

Mike Huckabee defends South Carolina against racism charges (full interview on Fox News 06-23-15)

Ted Cruz speaking at San Luis Obispo County GOP Event in Nipomo, CA (Full amateur video 06-22-15)

Rick Santorum slams 'politicizing' of SC Confederate flag debate (Full interview 'America's Newsroom' 06-23-15)

Rudy Giuliani on new Hostage Policy: 'You can't pay ransom' (full interview with Neil Cavuto 06-23-15)

What Bobby Jindal brings to the crowded GOP field (Fox News video 06-23-15)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


REPORT: Iran’s Support of Terrorism ‘Undiminished’ as Nuclear Deal Deadline Nears

The U.S. Looks On (as in 30's) as the World Map is Redrawn

WSJ/NBC Poll: Bush and Rubio Solidify Front-Runner Status

INVASION OF EUROPE: Mass Arrests After Thousands Rally Against Immigration

Iowa Supreme Court allows for the Dispensing of Abortion Pill Remotely

GREAT INTERVIEW: In-Deph Conversation with Ted Cruz (Full C-SPAN interview 06-18-15)

John Kasich: Congress is Broken because Relationships are Broken (full interview 'On the Record' 06-22-15)

Rick Perry speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-20-15)

George Pataki's solution to cleaning up potential ObamaCare chaos (Interview on 'Outnumbered' 06-22-15)

Trey Gowdy interview 'On the Record' (full video 06-22-15)

Donald Trump: 'Last Person I'd Want Negotiating for Me Is Obama' (Full interview 'On the Record' 06-22-15)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Obama so Shaken by Charleston Shootings, He Attends Only 2 Fundraisers

Iran Parliament Votes to Ban Inspections of Military Sites

The GOP Could Extend Health Subsidies Up to Two Years if Supreme Court invalidates tax credits

Op-ed: Executed by a Madman in a House of God

CBO: Social Security Trust Fund Gone In 2029

World Refugee Population Surges to Nearly 60 MILLION by the End of 2014

Scott Walker speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-20-15)

Rick Perry interview with Chris Wallace (Full interview 06-21-15)

Mike Huckabee on Confederate Battle Flag, Race Relations, Climate Change (Full interview on NBC's 'Meet the Press' 06-21-15)

Ben Carson on fallout from Charleston attack, lead in polls (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 06-21-15)

Rick Santorum on Charleston Mass Shooting and Other Issues (Full interview ABC's 'This Week' 06-21-15)

Rudy Giuliani Praises Charleston Community: 'They're Showing That You Have to Forgive' (Full interview with Maria Bartiromo 06-21-15)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Obama 3.0

INVASION OF EUROPE: Hungary Vs. U.N in Billboard Battle

Does the GOP Face a Challenge in 2016 as Americans Skew Less Christian?

Rand Paul op-ed: Blow Up the Tax Code and Start Over

1 in 5 Vehicles Built in North America were Built in Mexico as even More Jobs Move South

Ted Cruz Remarks on Religious Liberty, Gun Rights and Charleston Shooting at a CrossRoads Shooting Sports event in Johnston, IA.(Full Video 06-20-15)

Carly Fiorina speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-20-15)

Rand Paul unveils his 'fair and flat' Tax Plan (interview with Eric Bolling 06-20-15)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Team Obama Launches A War On Suburbs

U.S Still Unsure How Many Hacked: Data Could Go Back 30 Years

INVASION OF EUROPE: EU Nations Remain at Odds Over Distribution of Migrants

One Nation, Under Sedation: Medicare Paid for Nearly 40 Million Tranquilizer Prescriptions in 2013

Ben Carson speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-19-15)

John Kasich speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-19-15)

Bobby Jindal speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-19-15)

Chris Christie speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-19-15)

Rick Santorum speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-19-15)

Mike Huckabee: GOP needs backbone to defend religious liberty (Full interview with Todd Starnes 06-19-15)

Jeb Bush speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-19-15)

Friday, June 19, 2015


Iran Nuclear Deal: Another Day, Another Cave

OBAMAmess: Team Obama Pays Billions to Insurers without being able to Confirm How Much It Owes

Op-ed: A Scenario We Cannot Allow to Happen

Police Work to Balance Crime Fighting With Protecting Citizens’ Rights

Buyer Beware: How Do Companies Quietly Raise Prices? They Do This ...

Ted Cruz speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-18-15)

Marco Rubio speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-18-15)

Rand Paul speech at the 2015 Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference (Full video 06-18-15)

Ted Cruz discusses TPA and TPP with Steve Deace (Full interview 06-18-15)

Bobby Jindal Blasts Obama's Gun Violence Comments (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 06-18-15)

Ben Carson on Obama's SC Shooting Remarks: 'The Heart of the Matter Is Not Guns' (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 06-18-15)

Bobby Jindal: I'm not afraid of Polls (Full interview with Todd Starnes 06-18-15)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Which Sanctions on Iran are being Traded Away?

Hillary's Accomplishments: State Department Hid Dysfunction, Corruption Of Hillary Years

The Kurds Put the Squeeze on ISIS in Syria

Surprise Bills for Many Under Obamacare

Is the Supreme Court the Next Step for Texas Abortion Law?

Donald Trump interview with Sean Hannity (3 video segments 06-17-15)

Rick Perry on Trump: Americans want action, not rhetoric (Full interview Fox News 06-17-15)

Trey Gowdy sounds off on Clinton receiving unvetted Benghazi info (Full interview Fox News 06-17-16)

Donald Trump interview on Bloomberg Business (Full video 06-17-15)

Lindsey Graham interview with Bret Baier (Full interview 06-17-15)

Sheriff David Clarke on Ohio Police incident: 'There's No Racism There'(Full video with Megyn Kelly 06-17-15)

Bobby Jindal takes on the Obama Administration (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 06-17-15)

Glenn Beck Says Gays Are Making 'The Same Demands As Were Happening In Sodom And Gomorrah' (Video)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ICE Freed Sex Offenders, Often Without Notifying States

A Blind Eye To Iran's Violations

Investigative Report: If Not Hillary Then Who: The Truth Exposed - Part 2

Snowden's Lies About Principle Snowball

U.S. is Poised to Put Heavy Weaponry in Eastern Europe

Supreme Court rules that U.S. Citizen cannot appeal Afghan husband's visa denial

Ted Cruz at Military Justice Improvement Act Press Conference (Video Press Conference 06-16-15)

Rick Perry refuses to 'take the bait' on Trump's sweat slap (interview with Neil Cavuto 06-16-15)

Jeb Bush interview with Sean Hannity (3 video segments 06-16-15)

Trey Gowdy sounds off about latest Benghazi e-mails (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 06-16-15)

Donald Trump Interview with Bill O’Reilly (video 06-16-15)

Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement (full video 06-16-15)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hillary’s Unlawful Plan to Overrule Voter-ID Laws

A Cyber Pearl Harbor?

Border Patrol Agents See Signs of New Surge of Unaccompanied Children

Invasion of Europe: Some Countries are Getting Fed-Up with Non-Stop Influx of Migrants

Mitt Romney interview on NBC's 'Meet the Press (Full Interview 06-14-15)

Ted Cruz 1-on-1 with Oklahoma's NEWS 9 (Video 06-15-15)

Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton: 'She is not trustworthy' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 06-15-15)

Jeb Bush 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement Full Speech (Full video 06-15-16)

Rand Paul talks Hillary's reset, Jeb's White House bid (Full interview with Sean Hannity 06-15-15)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Russia and China have Cracked Snowden's Stolen NSA Files

When will Washington Wake Up and Smell the Coffee when it Comes to Radical Islam in America?

Op-ed: Doing the Bare Minimum ... If Even That

L.A. Boosts Minimum Wage: Employers Say They May Move or Trim Jobs

Petro Poroshenko op-ed: We’re Making Steady Progress in Ukraine, Despite Putin

The Best Place in the U.S. to Retire isn't Florida ... What is it?

Paul Ryan talks Trade, ObamaCare and 2016 (Full interview with Chris Wallace 06-14-15)

Ted Cruz and Congressman Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK-1) Take Questions (Full video 06-13-15)

Lindsey Graham on CBS's 'Face the Nation': (full interview 06-14-15)

Chris Christie on ABC's 'This Week': Abc. Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Know Concerns of 'Real Americans' (Full video 06-14-15)

Peter King on failure of president-backed trade bill (Full interview on Fox News 06-14-15)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quarantine: A New Approach To Immigration

Is It Time For A Moratorium on Immigration?

Krauthammer: The Republican Candidate Racing Form - Second Edition

Republicans and Team Obama Square-Off on Obamacare

INVASION OF EUROPE: Border Crossing Migrants Strain Europe

Did You Know That The Month You Were Born May Determine Your Risk For Certain Diseases?

Mitt Romney interview with Bloomberg News (Video 06-12-15)

Obama Transfers 6 Gitmo Detainees, Including Alleged Bin Laden Bodyguards (Fox News video 06-13-15)

Lindsey Graham's hilarious skeet shooting adventure at Romney Event (Video 06-13-15)

If John Kasich Runs, He’ll Be in It to Win It (interview by Bloomberg News from Romney Event 06-12-15)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nation's Sickest Seniors Reshape Health Care

POLL: NATO Countries See the U.S. as Shield to Russian Threat

Massachusetts Man Killed While Fighting With Kurds Against ISIS

Obama's Gun-Control Misfire

Do You Think You're Discharged From Hospitals Because You're Ready? THINK AGAIN!

Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses TPA & TPP on the Kuhner Report (Full interview 06-12-15)

Paul Ryan on Trade Promotion & Assistance (TPA) (Full video 06-12-15)

Carly Fiorina on Failed Trade Deal: 'Obama Sets Out Lofty Goals' (Full interview 'On the Record' 06-12-15)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Team Obama Opens Door for More Student-Debt Forgiveness that could COST BILLIONS

Invasion of Europe: Northern Italian towns are ordered to stop accepting migrants because the situation ‘is like a bomb ready to go off’

Preparing for the Worse: Israel Tested a 'dirty-bomb cleanup' in the Desert (auto-on video)

Walking in Police Shoes (auto-on video)

Mitt Romney on ISIS Strategy: Obama 'Is Going About This Backwards' (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 06-11-15)

Paul Ryan talks 2016 GOP field, gov't waste (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 06-11-15)

Ted Cruz interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show (Full interview 06-11-15)

Carly Fiorina talks government surveillance, ISIS strategy (Interview on 'Special Report' 06-11-15)

Rand Paul on NSA: 'I May Be the Most Unpopular Person in Washington Right Now' (Full interview with Kennedy 06-11-15)

Rick Santorum lays out ISIS plan, talks 2016 race (Full interview Fox News 06-11-15)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Medicaid Enrollment Under ObamaCare Soars, Raising Cost Concerns

Ukraine Frontline Troops Dig Down With Pig Named Putin

When you Attend a Baseball Game ... Stay Alert or EXPECT to Get Hit

GOP Hopefuls Blame Obama's China Policy for Data Breach

Ben Carson: America's Failure to Take Leadership Role Threatens to Destroy Country (Full interview with Bret Baier 06-10-15)

Carly Fiorina gaining momentum in New Hampshire (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 06-10-15)

Rick Perry Denounces Dodd-Frank, Wall Street: 'I Believe in Smart Regulations' (Full interview on "Mornings With Maria" 06-10-15)

Mike Huckabee Blasts Obama's Secret Trade Agreement: 'America Is Not North Korea' (Full interview on "Mornings With Maria" 06-10-15)

Lt. Co. Ralph Peters: 'You Cannot Possibly Defeat ISIS With Airstrikes Controlled By Lawyers' (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 06-10-15)

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: ISIS is winning (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 06-10-15)

Rudy Giuliani: Obama made worst decision of 21st Century in Iraq (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 06-10-15)

Reince Priebus on how Hillary Clinton is not relatable (Full interview with Sean Hannity 06-10-15)