Saturday, June 27, 2015

INVASION OF EUROPE: One Man's Crusade to Catch ILLEGALS crossing His Land in England

Mr Gadsden, dubbed the Farminator, seized 30 Somalis and six Vietnamese men just last week
A farmer is taking the migrant crisis into his own hands by rounding up 'hundreds' of suspected stowaways who he claims are hiding in his fields.
Chris Gadsden, who lives 125 miles away from Dover, says he has collared up to 50 migrants in the past month alone as part of his one-man patrol on his land in rural Bedfordshire.
Chris Gadsden
The 60-year-old claims the suspected illegal immigrants traipse through his land after being dropped off at the nearby M1 services, which are 400 yards away.
Mr Gadsden - who found one man hiding in a drain pipe - then rounds up the alleged criminals before handing them over to police and even sometimes driving them to the station himself.
The father-of-four said the sheer number of suspected illegal immigrants on his land - which he said included 30 Somalis just last week - demonstrates how quickly the problem is spreading into the British countryside.
He said: 'There’s been hundreds of them, and they’re just the ones I’ve seen. There’s supposed to be a system in place to stop them sneaking in but it obviously isn’t working, so I have to do what I can.
'It’s not a race thing. My problem is they’re sneaking in and breaking our laws. If anyone, no matter where they’re from, was trespassing on my property I’d react the same. It’s been going on for years now.
'They have been invading our privacy and I’m proud to have done something about it. It feels like the authorities have lost control of the situation in Calais – and now they’re in danger of the same thing happening hundreds of miles away in Bedfordshire.'
Mr Gadsden said he has sympathy for the immigrants and regularly gives them a drink and something to eat while they wait to be questioned by officers.
But he said he has sometimes had to tie the detainees up with rope for his own protection.
He was also forced to brandish his shotgun when he was confronted by 30 suspected illegal immigrants at his own home.
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