Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Blind Eye To Iran's Violations

Bad Deal: Iran's Islamofascists violate sanctions, but the U.S. and Europe, eager for a nuclear deal, look the other way. As Obama's former Defense intelligence chief tells Congress, only "regime change" will stop Tehran.
The latest report from U.N. monitors of Security Council sanctions against Iran points out that Gen. Qassem Suleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard's Quds force, was photographed and videoed in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon "reportedly organizing and training militia and regular forces in those countries" — a blatant sanctions violation. Yet no member country, not the U.S. or any European nation, reported the offense.
Suleimani's travel was banned because Quds manages Iranian-directed terrorism in the Middle East. But our president and the other powers involved in the Iran talks obviously care less about preventing terrorism than getting a deal. So they all looked the other way.
As Hot Air's Ed Morrissey asks, "If the Obama administration won't call out cheating that actually takes place now, why would anyone trust that they'll call out violations that take place after a deal is cut — when those violations will make Obama and other world leaders look like saps?"
Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, highly regarded by Obama and appointed director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012, warned Congress on Wednesday that it will be practically impossible to monitor Iran's nuclear activities under an agreement. Meanwhile, Tehran would dominate the Mideast, Flynn stated, as U.S. power and influence wanes there.
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