Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The West's Way Of Life is Imperiled by Declining Population

Demographics: An alarming new study finds Germany's population is headed for a death spiral. But hold the schadenfreude. Germany's demographic dilemma is the same one that all of Western civilization faces.
German births per 1,000 population have fallen to roughly 8.2 — below even Japan's 8.4. The death rate, meanwhile, is about 11 per 1,000. So Germany's fabled workforce will soon go into a tailspin that will be almost impossible to pull out of, according to the study by Hamburg's World Economy Institute.
"No other industrial country is deteriorating at this speed despite the strong influx of young migrant workers," the study said. "Germany cannot continue to be a dynamic business hub in the long run without a strong jobs market."
Focusing on birthrates, Greenfield explains and laments 
colonization of the West
On Tuesday, the British Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard noted, "The German government expects the population to shrink from 81 million to 67 million by 2060 as depressed pockets of the former East Germany go into 'decline spirals' where shops, doctors' practices and public transport start to shut down, causing yet more people to leave in a vicious circle."
But Germany isn't alone; its decline is the Western world's in miniature. As the chart shows, the population of the Big Five powers — the U.S., the EU, China, Japan and Russia — will peak in 2029 and then start a long, irreversible decline.
Japan is already shrinking. Russia, despite recent claims by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of a fertility miracle, is also getting smaller. Thanks to its one-child policy, China will start shrinking in the late 2020s.
Only the U.S. is expected to continue growing through at least 2050 — but probably not much beyond that.
What's behind the plunging fertility rates? A big part of it is the left's assault on the family. ...
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