Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Obama 3.0

2016: Liberals, it's been said, love the poor so much they'd have us all be poor. That might describe Hillary Clinton's latest campaign makeover, or, as the media call it, "reshaping."
Clinton's latest banner is that she's the real "champion" of "the struggling," not just the successful. To prove it, she flings class warfare arrows at rich "CEOs and hedge fund managers" everywhere she travels — except, that is, when she holds fundraisers with billionaire hedge fund managers.
Her promise to help "everyone who has been knocked down but refused to be knocked out" is perhaps a subtle comeback message after she was KO'd by Barack Obama seven years ago.
She took yet another swipe at the idea that "lower tax rates" will mean "trickle down" gains for everyone else. She seems to forget how her husband cut the capital gains tax, one of the secrets to his economic success.
The problem with this portrayal of Hillary as heroine of the underdog and downtrodden is she hasn't in any substantive or rhetorical way distanced her economic agenda from that of the guy she used to work for.
And his economic agenda has been fairly catastrophic for those at the bottom.
Every statistic shows gains for the top 10% under Obama, almost no progress for the middle class and negative gains for the poor. Blacks, Hispanics, the young and single women also have fallen behind under Obamanomics — which now looks like it's morphing into Hillaryonomics.
The American bargain, she says, is that "if you work hard, you ought to get ahead." Except the policies of Obama — stimulus, ObamaCare, debt spending, tax increases on the rich — haven't helped those hard workers get ahead. Their personal financial situations continue to strain.
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