Sunday, June 14, 2015

Did You Know That The Month You Were Born May Determine Your Risk For Certain Diseases?

It turns out your birth month might determine more than just your astrological sign. When you are born also could determine some of your health risks, according to a new study from Columbia University Medical Center.
The study says there are at least 55 diseases that are
 significantly dependent on birth month.
Scientists reviewed New York medical databases for 1.7 million patients and found 55 diseases linked to birth month, according to a statement released Monday by the university.
"This data could help scientists uncover new disease risk factors," Nicholas Tatonetti, the lead author on the study and professor at CUMC, said in the statement.
There are high-risk months and low-risk months in which to be born, the study found. People born in May have the lowest risk of disease overall and people born in October and November have the highest, according to the study.
The research also found that people born in March have the highest risk of heart disease. People born in September and October, have a higher risk of respiratory disease and early winter babies have a higher risk of developing reproductive diseases and neurological diseases.
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