Saturday, June 13, 2015

POLL: NATO Countries See the U.S. as Shield to Russian Threat

Some of the United States' closest NATO partners in Europe are reluctant to come to the aid of a neighboring ally attacked by Russia — possibly because they think the United States will come to the rescue, according to a survey published Wednesday.
More than 50% of respondents in the Pew Research Center poll from Italy, France and Germany said their countries should refrain from aiding an ally.
Across eight key NATO countries surveyed, fewer than half — 48% — said their nation should intervene militarily if Russia gets in a serious conflict with a neighboring ally. That compares with 42% who oppose intervening.
More than two-thirds — 68% — of those surveyed said the United States would come to an ally's defense, according to results released Wednesday.
U.S. army soldiers take part in Nato exercises at Smardan, 
Romania, in April this year. Americans were the most 
favorable to responding with force if Russia engaged in “a 
serious military conflict” with a NATO member . Photo: Reuters
"Many allied countries are reluctant to uphold Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which requires NATO members to defend an ally with armed force if necessary," the survey found.
The two countries most in favor of aiding an ally attacked by Russia were the USA, 56%, and Canada, 53%.
The survey comes as Europe keeps a wary eye on the nearby conflict in Ukraine between national forces and Russian-backed separatists, though Russia continues to deny involvement.
Despite concerns about Russian aggression, former NATO Commander Gen. Wesley Clark said the memories of two world wars in the last century that devastated the continent are still fresh in the minds of Europeans.
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