Thursday, June 25, 2015

Time To Crack Down On Islamic State-Supporting Mosques

Islamic Community Center of Phoenix
Jihad Network: Washington insists that homegrown Islamic State terrorists are radicalized in the faceless world of the Internet. But there's more to it. Too many are tied to radical U.S. mosques that churn out terrorists.
And if politically correct Washington won't shut these terrorist mills down, state and local leaders must find a way to do it themselves.
Cartoon Conterst Shooter: Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem
The latest case is Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, whom authorities arrested this week in connection to the armed attack on a "Draw Muhammad" contest outside Dallas. His indictment says he also eyed the Super Bowl for a similar strike.
Kareem worshipped at the same mosque — the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix — as previously arrested IS co-conspirators Elton "Ebrahim" Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi.
ICC has been a breeding ground for terrorists. Over the past 10 years, at least three other mosque members have been convicted on terrorism-related charges by the FBI. The FBI has been so concerned about dangerous people attending there that it has sent informants and agents into the mosque to investigate.
Nadir Soofi, left, and Elton Simpson were the 
two gunmen in the Garland, Texas, shooting
Mosque leaders knew the FBI was monitoring Simpson for terrorist activities and that U.S. prosecutors had convicted him years earlier for making false statements related to his plans to train with al-Qaida in Somalia. Yet they did not bar him from the mosque. In fact, they welcomed him.
He and his accomplices practiced shooting assault rifles in jihad training. In 2008, 20 young men from the same mosque were arrested for firing hundreds of rounds of bullets from automatic rifles in what appeared to authorities to be a jihadi training exercise in the desert.
The Islamic Society of Boston
ICC isn't the only mosque showing a disturbing pattern of jihadi activities.
So many terrorists have emerged from the Islamic Society of Boston that even the Boston Globe calls it a "trend." The latest is Usaama Rahim, an IS terrorist whom the FBI says plotted to behead local police and FBI agents. Rahim worked as a security guard at ISB as recently as 2013, and regularly attended the mosque with his wife
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