Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Selective Rage and Media Coverage of the Confederate Flag Controversy

I'll start off by stating that I PERSONALLY would not fly the confederate flag. Then again, I'm from the North, so I'd really have no reason to. THAT's MY CHOICE and I have NO RIGHT to force that view on anyone.

Saying That:

If I were elected Governor of a state that had the tradition of flying the confederate flag, would I take it down on my own? NO!

I believe the correct way to have settled this Confederate flag controversy would have been to put it to a vote. Let the citizens of South Carolina decide.

I find it a little hypocritical that the liberal media (INCLUDING FOX NEWS) spent an entire week trying to create GOTCHA MOMENTS with the 2016 Presidential Candidates, when in fact it HAS NOTHING TO DO with the Presidency and everything to do with States'Rights.

The following incidents had everything to to with issues around a presidency and little to do with States' Rights, yet they flew under the radar of major news media outlets. I don't remember seeing any major media coverage over any of these incidents INVOLVING FLAGS (Photos contain Links):

Mexican flag at graduation ceremony

ILLEGALS take down a U.S. flag and raise a Mexican Flag at a U.S. Post office

The above are but a few examples I found doing a simple google search.

Where was the major media outrage here? Why weren't Questions asked by the media of these ILLEGALS such as:

Do you REALLY WANT to Be a U.S. Citizen or do you JUST WANT TO LIVE HERE and reap the rewards?

Don't you know you offend U.S. Citizens when you do these things?

WHY the lack of coverage and rage by the major media....You Ask? Because it doesn't fit THEIR AGENDA!

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