Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Invasion of Europe: Some Countries are Getting Fed-Up with Non-Stop Influx of Migrants

Bularia, Estonia, Hungary, to name a few. The EU has decided to postpone a push to enforce a Migrant quota on its members:
European countries won’t decide on plans to redistribute migrants before September, several European Union officials said Monday, a further setback in the bloc’s response to the migration crisis in the Mediterranean.
Known terrorst Abdel Majid Touil (circled) arrived in 
Porto Empedocle in Sicily on February 17 using the alias 
Abdullah after being rescued by Italian authorities on 
a migrant boat in the Mediterranean Read Story HERE
The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, last month presented a set of plans, including a binding quota system aimed at relocating the 40,000 Syrians and Eritreans—expected to arrive in Italy and Greece over the next two years—to 23 other EU countries. The commission was hoping that home affairs ministers would hold a vote on the plan next week to help the two countries who are facing a steady stream of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya. Last weekend alone, 5,700 migrants arrived on the Italian coast and the trend is likely to increase over the summer.
But the plan has been kicked into the long grass, with ministers planning a “discussion” for next week and awaiting further guidance from EU leaders who will meet in Brussels on June 25-26.
The plan was immediately criticized by eastern member states—Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Baltic states—who resent any binding quotas. They argue that they lack the capacity and their societies lack the experience with refugees that more affluent states have. Poland is pointing to the 300,000 visas it issued to Ukrainians last year in a gesture of “solidarity” with people escaping a war zone. ...
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