Monday, June 22, 2015

Iran Parliament Votes to Ban Inspections of Military Sites

Iran's parliament voted Sunday to oppose the inspections of government military sites as part of a pending, multi-nation agreement to curb the country’ nuclear program -- potentially complicating a final deal ahead of a June 30 deadline.
A State Department official told Fox News that the agency has seen reports about the parliament’s preliminary legislative steps to make its voice heard about the nuclear talks and any final deal.
However, the official said the United States will allow Iranians to manage their own process and reiterated the world powers’ position remains that any final deal must include adequate access and transparency to the country’s nuclear-related facilities.
“We won’t agree to a deal without that,” the official also said. “We expect that there will be many voices and opinions on the difficult issues as we work towards a final deal. … But our team is focused on what is happening in the negotiating room.”
The bill would allow for international inspections of Iranian nuclear sites but forbid inspections of military facilities. And it demands the complete lifting of all sanctions against Iran as part of any final nuclear accord.
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