Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bachmann Super PAC Takes Aim At Perry In South Carolina

It looks like the gloves have finally come off. No more free ride for Perry?

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama and Romney are Tied


Mitt Romney 45%
Barack Obama 45%

Barack Obama 45%
Rick Perry 42%

Barack Obama 48%
Michele Bachmann 39%

Barack Obama 51%
Sarah Palin 37%


Big H /T to Time magazine for a clear and revealing look at what has been deemed the Texas Miracle...............which turns out to have little to do with Rick Perry. In a nutshell, from 2000 to 2010....

A. Commodity Prices Rise........Across the world, the demand for energy and materials rises , particularly in emerging markets and, at the same time, the U.S dollar falls driving up commodity prices and fueling big Texas energy industries OIL PRICES RISE 265 %

B. Oil and Gas Boom........The rising energy prices described in A. cause a massive investment in the oil, gas and mining sectors in Texas and a steep growth in energy industry jobs.

C. GOVERNMENT SPENDING INCREASES....Steady and growing profits in the energy industries coupled with a steep rise in federal spending in Texas on military installations and NASA boost state coffers. GOVERNMENT SPENDING INCREASES 76 %

D. PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS GROW..... Private sector jobs actually FALL 0.7 % over the last 4 years in Texas. Over the 2000 - 2010 window, private sector jobs rise 8 % and GOVERNMENT SECTOR JOBS RISE 19 %


The point of the above is that the entire Texas Job Miracle is a contrived PR program designed to identify Rick Perry with events which would happen regardless of who was in the Statehouse in Austin. It is self generated HUBRIS reminiscent of Huey Long...the KingFish in Louisiana


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Hey Rick....Who's minding the store?

I was wondering while Rick Perry was out running around America campaigning for President, who was actually running his state.

It's not like John McCain back in 08, he was a sitting Senator who still managed to get back for the important votes.

Mtt Romney was out of his Governorship by the time his Presidential campaign got under way. But Perry and active Governor of one of the largest states in the union, was JUST RE-ELECTED.

Now I can't help but wonder if he thought while he was out campaigning for reelection as Governor of Texas did he think...... nice fall back if I don't get the 2012 GOP nomination.......Still have a nice place to live paid for by Texas taxpayers.

And then there was his 2011 inauguration speech .....Sounded an awful lot like a speech for someone running for President. I must be mistaken though, Perry wouldn't want to screw the citizens of his state by knowingly running for re-election while the White House was his goal all along.......Nah, must be my imagination.

But I still have to wonder if those folks in Texas would have voted for him if they new he'd be a candidate now.............Oh, and who's minding the store?

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Mitt Romney: "America Is NOT Safer!"

You can view Mitt Romney's entire speech at the VFW on Tuesday, HERE.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Palin Reportedly Will Fly To New Hampshire Following Iowa Tea Party Rally

Craig Robinson from The Iowa Republican reports:
High level Iowa Republicans tell that Sarah Palin will fly to New Hampshire following her September 3rd appearance in central Iowa.


The news that Palin is New Hampshire bound after her Iowa speech will only add to the speculation that she may be entering the Republican presidential field.

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Rick Perry on Sean Hannity's Radio Show

Rick Perry was a guest today on Sean Hannity's radio show:

Mitt Romney WILL BE attending Jim DeMint's Forum

H/T Joe

Mitt Romney WILL be attending the Palmetto Freedom Forum:
Mitt Romney will now appear at the candidate forum hosted by Sen. Jim DeMint in South Carolina. The Romney camp dismisses the suggestion that this is in response to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s rise in the polls. Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul tells me: “We’re pleased we were able to arrange our schedule so that Gov. Romney can attend Labor Day events in both New Hampshire and South Carolina.” Romney was able to shift a Tea Party Express event.
HaHaHa! I love it. Prayer does work! Unless of course you're Rick Perry praying for rain in Texas!

I knew Mitt wouldn't let me down!

This forum is being sponsored by the American Principles Project and will take place at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, South Carolina on September 5th at 3pm. It is an invitation-only ticketed event, but South Carolina Educational Television has agreed to broadcast the event live, statewide on their South Carolina Channel.

More information on the forum can be found HERE.

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Rick Perry's letter to Hillary Clinton PRAISING Hillarycare

H/T The Daily Caller

Rick Perry seems to have a problem with Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care bill, even though he believes in state's rights and that "States should be the laboratories for innovation" and all.

Lets hop in to the Right Speak wayback machine......Not to Perry's time as Al Gore's Texas Campaign Chairman.....Nah...Lets stop the machine at April 6, 1993.

It seems that Rick was ALL FOR Hillary Clinton's efforts for a National Health Care bill. Here's a letter, that missed the Perry Transparency shredder:

Click the letter to ENLARGE
“I think your efforts in trying to reform the nation’s health care system are most commendable.”
“I would like to request that the task force give particular consideration to the needs of the nation’s farmers, ranchers, and agriculture workers, and other members of rural communities,” Perry continued, noting his administration’s focus on economic development for rural Texans. “Rural populations have a high proportion of uninsured people, rising health care costs, and often experience lack of services.”
“Again, your efforts are worthy,” Perry concluded, ”and I hope you will remember this constituency as the task force progresses.”
So does this mean that Perry was for a National Healthcare Plan before he was against it?

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VFW National Convention: Rick Perry's and Mitt Romney's Speeches (FULL VIDEOS 08-29/30-11)

Each year, thousands of delegates to the VFW National Convention convene to elect new national officers, vote on organizational by-laws and attend VFW workshops geared to inform members of the latest trends on topics ranging from female veterans' needs to maintaining a successful VFW Post. This year The convention is taking place in San Antonio, Texas at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

Rick Perry was invited as the sitting Governor of the host state. Mitt Romney as a GOP candidate for President

Rick Perry's speech begins at the 00:56:30 minute mark: (near the begining of the video)

Mitt Romney's speech begins at the 02:31:00 minute mark: (near the end of the video)

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With a BIG H / T to Dick Polman at the Philadelphia Inquirer, the following are excerpts from his morning commentary about Rick Perry and the critical election role of Independents in the largest voting bloc in America at 39 %. Please note that I KNOW that the Inquirer is a liberal leaning newspaper. I went to school in Philadelphia. But Polman is more of a centrist and his comments about voters in the suburbs of Philadelphia and Cleveland and Milwaukee are dead on .

" Richard Nixon famously said that Republican presidential candidates should run to the right in primaries, then to the center in the general election." But, Polman asks," What happens if they run so far rightward that the cede the center ?" He says" ...Obama may be vulnerable in 2012, but if Rick Perry and his rivals don't clamp down on the crazy talk, they may well blow it .'
Good advice from the center left.

Mark McKinnon, a strategist for George W Bush is quoted " Perry and company.....are pulling the primary contest so far to the right that the party will be far less attractive to the independent voters needed to win the general election." As a case in point, Polman says

"...only 36 % of independents are giving Obama a positive performance after he carried the group by 8 % in 2008 and it would appear these centrist votes are ripe for the taking. But, this is no way to win them over.........."

** Declaring that evolution is " just a theory that's out there."

** Insisting that the scientific consensus on climate change is " all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight."

** Decreeing that revenue increases of any kind are unacceptable under any and all circumstances, and signing a pledge to that effect

** Promising to fill all key Cabinet and executive jobs with foes of abortion, and signing a pledge to that effect.

** Asserting that " it's time for us to just hand America over to God and say,' God, you're going to have to fix this '"

** Announcing in a book that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional and should be scrapped

** Contending that gay Americans are " part of Satan."

** Dissing the Bush appointed Federal Reserve chairman as " treasonous."

** Insinuating that Obama is insufficiently American and insufficiently in love with America

Polman then begins to contrast that kind of rhetoric with Ronald Reagan. " Reagan," he says '".....did not talk like an extremist in 1980, in the mold of Bachmann or Perry. He had no interest in doubling down on crazy."
" Reagan didn't equate gay people with crazy, or talk about them much at all; two years earlier he had opposed an antigay California referendum.
Reagan didn't sign any pledges on abortion; he rarely mentioned abortion.
Reagan never signed any pledges never to hike taxes; indeed, as Governor he had repeatedly raised taxes.
Reagan didn't question Carter's patriotism
Reagan didn't declare he wanted to do away with Social Security and Medicare."

" By contrast," Polman says," the new Republican frontrunner is openly adamant about whacking those federal safety nets out of existence. It would be ffascinating to watch Perry, during the autumn 12 campaign, tout his stance on Social Security and Medicare to audiences in senior - heavy swing states such as Florida and Pennsylvania. I also wonder whether his faith talk, his public willingness to name God as his Mr. Fix-It, would go down well in swing suburban enclaves, say Bucks County, Pa, where independents typically prefer their fixers composed of bodily flesh"
Polls show that independents want compromise, not ideological rigidity.

" See the problem?" Polman finishes. " The purity police, who long ago excommunicated Romney as a closet moderate, will abide no nuance in the Republican field. If they ultimately allow a beleaguered Obama to run free on center ground, they'll have only themselves to blame"

Now, I am no fan of the Inquirer and its Editorial page and no great fan of Polman's either. But, his column is a clear summary of the risk the GOP runs in the 2012 election....based upon a tragic misreading of the voters. We can win that election......but, as Polman candidly ( for a liberal ) points out we can surely lose it in spades and have no one to blame but ourselves.
The proof will be in some of the " shots " I will take for this post. They will be symptomatic.


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Could Jim DeMint ever endorse Rick Perry? I don't think so.

With the entrance of Rick Perry into the 2012 race, South Carolina might be a make or break win for Rick Perry. If he were to take Iowa, less so. I believe that Iowa though is up for grabs and Perry is just one of the potential could be winners there.

So for the sake of argument, I would think that a Jim DeMint endorsement could very well become a determining factor in winning South Carolina.

Now one of the major issues close to DeMint's heart is securing our borders. The problem for Rick Perry is that when it comes to immigration and securing the border, he's not on the same side of the fence as Jim DeMint. In fact if Perry had his way, they'd be no fence.

Jim DeMint has been pushing for the completion of a double fence while Rick Perry calls any fence, ridiculous. Add to this, Perry's version of the Dream Act in his state and I can only imagine DeMint in a slow burn when Perry's name comes up.

Mitt Romney on the other hand, is more in line with DeMints view. Just recently he made an indirect jab at Perry at a town hall meeting when he criticised states with sancuary cities and those that offer incentives to the children of illegals through low cost instate tuition credits:

Here is Mitt Romney (I can only imagine DeMint saying, "Right On!")

For those that don't know this, DeMint had served as Chairman of Mitt Romney's 08 Exploratory Committee and was very active in Romney's campaign. Of course that was when DeMint was not well know so an endorsement now would carry a lot more weight.

So my belief is that DeMint will endorse Romney, not Perry.

BTW, Who backed Nikki Haley for the GOP nomination for Governor when people in her own state were asking, Nikki Who? Answer. (1, 2 )

If Perry leads in National Polls and Romney State-Wide Polls, who is really in the lead?

For the past couple of weeks, Rick Perry has been leading in the National Polls, most recently CNN. While Mitt Romney seems to continue to lead many of the state Polls for example, NH (1, 2), Michigan (1, 2), Florida (1, 2) , and Nevada (1, 2) as well as in most of the head-to-head match-ups with President Obama. I realize to lead in both national and statewide polls is ideal, but is it necessary for the nomination?

National polls seem to rely more upon the states with the most Republicans for their data. Which means that states with fewer Republicans may not be as well represented in those national polls. I would think that polls of specific states would give a more realistic view of who will capture the delegates of that particular state. And after all, isn't that the name of the game.

So if Romney holds on to his big leads in: NH, NV, FL, and MI and wins those primaries as a start, Does being the leader in National polls really matter?

So if you were Romney or Perry and could only lead in either statewide or national polls, which would you want? What are your thoughts?

Monday, August 29, 2011

CNN has a New MISLEADING National Poll out taken ENTIRELY in the South

Here is the article about the poll:

New CNN Poll: Perry sits atop GOP field
A new national survey is further proof that Texas Gov. Rick Perry's entrance earlier this month into the race for the White House has dramatically altered the battle for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to a CNN/ORC International Poll of Republicans and independent voters who lean towards the GOP, Perry now sits atop the list of Republican presidential candidates, with strong support from most demographic groups.

The survey, released Monday, indicates that 27 percent of Republicans nationwide support Perry for their party's nomination.....
(emphasis mine)
Surprise...Surprise....Rick Perry is out front. I can see the media outlets lead in now, "Perry winning another National Poll".

Oh Really?.....Not so fast. National Poll you say?.....

Of course, unless you are interested in WHERE the poll was taken, you wouldn't bother checking the crosstabs, Here;s What I found:

Click chart to enlarge

Notice the columns in the chart above as to what part of the country the folks surveyed were from:

Northeast = NA (Not Applicable)
Mid West = NA (Not Applicable)
West = NA (Not Applicable)
South = Add up the column....about 100%

Now I've read CNN's entire write-up and NO WHERE does it mention that this was a Southern Poll. So is it any surprise to anyone that Perry is leading in the south?

The problem is, that's not the message that they are portraying here. They're making it sound as if Perry is leading Nationwide with these Southern skewed results.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions

Crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon by Jerry Holbert

Photo Of The Day

An Alabama billboard:

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Rick Perry's version of transparency in Government

It seems that Rick Perry isn't being put under the same scrutiny when it comes to emails and correspondences during his time as Governor of Texas as his predecessor, other candidates, and potential candidates for President. I guess because there's not much there..... from a PHYSICAL perspective that is.

Sarah Palin released hers and the New York Times actually asked folks to help them look for dirt....and there was none to be found I might add.

Mitt Romney had reporters looking through his emails and correspondences as well for a few years. Some 700 cubic feet of it. Did they find anything? As one investigating reporter put it,

"It's enormous and a lot of it's crap,” the reporter says, referring to the boxes of Romney documents. "You just have to figure out how much time [you want to spend]. My experience is, they were pretty careful about what they left behind. You're welcome to it. It's a ton of shit."

In both cases, Palin and Romney were transparent........NOTHING TO HIDE!

Which brings me to Texas under Governor George W. Bush:

When then-Gov. George W. Bush ran for president in 2000, his office released a treasure trove of information relating to his years as Texas' chief executive.
Some 3,125 pages detailing Bush's appointments during 1995-1998 allowed news organizations to remark on the exact number of lobbyists and campaign donors with whom he met. The records showed which state lawmakers Bush conferred with - and on what subject - and detailed how much time he spent reviewing capital punishment cases prior to executions. The records showed when he arrived at the office, when he took time off for the gym and when he went home.
In short, the documents provided a portrait of the leadership style of a candidate for president of the United States.
As to Rick Perry?
Over the past decade, the Perry administration has withheld information in response to some 100 open-records requests, instead seeking review by the Texas Attorney General's Office. In two cases in the past year, Perry's office acknowledged it failed to meet legal deadlines for responding to the requests, or otherwise delayed in violation of well-established procedures outlined in the Texas Public Information Act.

Most of the withheld documents involved contracts, bidding and oversight of programs in which state money flows to entrepreneurs, privately held companies and universities from Perry's two economic development funds, the Emerging Technology Fund and the Texas Enterprise Fund. In some cases, the requests involve entities headed by Perry campaign donors and political appointees. Perry also chose to withhold information when third parties complained they would release proprietary information or violate trade secrets.
And then there is the AUTOMATIC PURGING OF EMAILS older than 7 days. He has also blocked access related to his travel and security expenses. There have been several court filings by newspapers and other groups for access to Perry's information.

The point is, What does he have to hide? Why purge emails and deny access to information that most other governors allow. I guess it's a....RICK PERRY version of, TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT!

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Irene and the little green man

This has to be one of the most bizarre live news casts I've ever seen. It took place in Ocean City Md while a DC reporter was covering Hurricane Irene:

The full story is HERE.

BTW, I hope everyone got through the storm without to much difficulty.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011


With the morning news that Rick Perry denies nothing in his book and stands behind every comment therein, I thought it valuable to revisit this curious 214 page tome, written less than 9 months ago to see if what I read was accurate and , perhaps glean some more illuminating nuggets from the Sagebrush Sage. I have tried to look at specific issues and to use direct quotes from Perry's book as source material. I have also been assisted by reference to a column by Matt Yglesias on the same topic. Here goes:

1. Social Security : " Social Security is something we have been forced to accept for more than 70 years." It is, he writes," a crumbling monument to the failure of the New Deal." It continues " Ponzi the one that sent Bernie Maddoff to prison....are illegal in this country for a reason. They are fraudulent systems designed to take a lot of money at the front and pay out none at the end." " This unsustainable fiscal insanity is the true legacy of Social Security and the New Deal. Deceptive accounting has hoodwinked the American people into thinking that Social Security is a retirement system and financially sound, when clearly it is not." Social security is, ( on page 48 ) " by far the best example" of a program " violently tossing aside any respect for our founding principles."

My comments. Perry does not just say SS is an unfounded entitlement program in need of fixing. He does not just say it is unconstitutional. He says it is criminally ILLEGAL , a scheme to hoodwink voters using deceptive accounting. Held to the same standards as Madoff, administrators should be exposed to criminal liability and , perhaps prison. Hmmmmm.

2. Federal Voting Rights Act
The Voting Rights Act " has now become, in effect, federally mandated and judicially enforced gerrymandering on the basis of race."
My comment : This will play great in a general election

3. The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court "..... long ago wrested away from the people the power to decide what is right and what is wrong and, at the most fundamental level, how we should live our lives. Nothing could be more offensive to the concept of liberty......"
My comment. I'm not sure what he means by " wrested " . I am convinced he is clueless about the checks and balances in the Constitution and the positive protection afforded by the Supreme Court. This and his Voting Rights Act comment will assure perhaps a ZERO minority vote.

4. The 16th and 17 th Amendments
" The American people mistakenly empowered the federal government during a fit of populist rage in the early twentieth century by giving it an unlimited source of income ( the 16 th amendment ) and by changing the way senators are elected ( the 17th amendment ).

My comment: As a nation we should be moving to give more power to the majority, not political elites. Who are the majority ? We the voters. The people who live here, not politically appointed state legislators often beholden to state governors. This was not a " populist rage " . It was in the spirit of giving more power to the people, that the 17th amendment was passed.
The income tax amendment gave a defined source of income to a young nation taking center stage in the world. Does it need change ? Absolutely. Should it be simpler? Absolutely . Is it " Unconstitutional ? Ridiculous.

5. Intelligent Design in Public Schools
" I am a firm believer in intelligent design as a matter of faith and intellect and I believe it should be presented in schools alongside the theories of evolution."

My opinion ? ' Nuff said.

6. The Civil War and Government intrusion on states rights
Rather than simply citing chattel slavery as an exemption to his " states rights are good" principle, Perry argues that slaveholder activism in the 1850's was an example of big government federal overreach " In many ways it was the northern states whose sovereignty was violated in the run up to the Civil War.......citing the Fugitive Slave Act and ignoring the human rights of enslaved African Americans in the south. Perry says " we can never know what would have happened in the absence of the federal government " ignoring again the fact that federalism would probably have bought peace at the price of continued slavery ."

My opinion and note. These were two separate comments stylistically twined together to present a cohesive statement. Perry believes the government intruded on the rights of the northern states as well by passing intrusive legislation such as The Fugitive Slave Act. He also goes on to say that the Civil War was caused by slave owners trampling on the rights of Northern States. As I said at the outset, it goes on and on.

7. All Bank Regulation is Unconstitutional
Perry asserts that " if the Constitution were shown the appropriate respect, Washington regulation writers wouldn't have to worry about underrepresented views, because they wouldn't have any control over them in the first place ? ( Page 94 )

My comments: Regulation of the banking industry has been a subject of bipartisan agreement since the Madison administration. Perry is at real risk in seeming to ally himself with the banking industry in this time of financial crisis.

8. Consumer Financial Protection is Unconstitutional
Perry believes all federal financial regulation is illegitimate, listing the SEC on page 44, as part of a " federal alphabet soup" in which " undemocratic unelected Washington bureaucrats " are " now empowered to dictate their own preferences to the American people"

9 Almost Everything is Unconstitutional
Perry seems to regret the existence of jurisprudence construing the Commerce Clause to permit " federal laws regulating the environment, regulating guns, protecting civil rights, establishing Medicare and Medicaid, creating national minimum wage laws and national labor laws." ( Page 51 )

10. Federal Education Policy is Unconstitutional
Perry cites the willingness of Republicans to vote for re- authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as a " perfect example " of " losing sight of the fact that perfectly laudable policy choices at the local level are not appropriate ( much less constitutional ) at the federal level " ( Page 87 )

11. Global Warming
Perry argues that moderates oppose curbing greenhouse gas emissions because " they know that we have been experiencing a cooling trend ." ( page 92 ).

My comment : Tell that to residents in Dallas and Houston and get out of your air conditioned free rental.

The bottom line is this book and the writer reflect vies that are far, far to the right of where Republican have traditionally positioned themselves. When the media and the voters begin to sift through this cornucopia of illogical posturing, let's hope we are a long , long way away from an election


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Rick Perry Wanted Bi-National Health Insurance With Mexico

Texas Governor Rick Perry with former President of Mexico Vicente Fox discussing the virtues of open borders.
I just read the text of Rick Perry's remarks to the Border Summit on Aug, 21st 2001. How in the hell is this stuff slipping through the cracks without a single mention in the conservative press? If this had been Obama, Sean Hannity would have been talking about it 24/7 during the last presidential campaign.

There are many passages in the speech that are of great concern to me, but this one really caught my attention.
...Legislation authored by border legislators Pat Haggerty and Eddie Lucio establishes an important study that will look at the feasibility of bi-national health insurance. This study recognizes that the Mexican and U.S. sides of the border compose one region, and we must address health care problems throughout that region. That’s why I am also excited that Texas Secretary of State Henry Cuellar is working on an initiative that could extend the benefits of telemedicine to individuals living on the Mexican side of the border....
Does Rick Perry still support an international health insurance program such as the one he laid out in his speech that day? Will someone in the media please ask him before it's too late?

You can read the entire text of Perry's speech HERE

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Mitt Romney: Town Hall meeting in Exeter, NH (FULL VIDEO 08-22-11)

Rick Perry Urged Congress To Pass TARP (Original Letter To Nancy Pelosi)

As the following video points out, Rick Perry ran against the TARP legislation during the last election cycle. The problem is, he worked with the Democrats to urge passage in congress.

Here's one of the letters that was drafted by Gov. Perry and his Democrat pal, Joe Manchin.

Gary P. Jackson has much more HERE

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Rick Perry blames God for the bad economy and America's lack of Biblical Principles

Here is Rick Perry in a recent interview with James Robison:

Wow, you learn something every day. I didn't know our economic woes were the result of America moving away from it's "Biblical Principles".

I guess a President Perry would rely more on scheduled prayer events, rather than working on actual economic policies to bring us out of the mess we're in. And here I thought that our problems were caused by things like greed, irresponsibility, and bad investments. Boy was I wrong. I didn't realize it was God just trying to make a point.

Hey Mitt and Jon, don't bother rolling out your jobs plans for America. Rick's got it all figured out.

Let me make one final thing perfectly clear. I'm not knocking the man's faith or belief system. My problem is that I don't believe he knows or has any intention of drawing a line between church and state. I believe his history demonstrates that he believes they go hand in hand. Now THAT'S A PROBLEM! One that won't win a general election.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rick Perry Hasn't Told Us Where He Stands On Much Of Anything

H/T danielvito

A C4P commenter hit the nail on the head today. I decided to post his comment here, because it's exactly how I feel.
Question to any porno Perry supporter!

Name one foriegn policy position, 1.9 has. For example, is he for waterboarding, does he want to stay in Iraq/Aghanistan, Does he want to stay in Libyia, what's his position on China/India/Russia, does he want to continue to fund Nato/United Nation, what's his position on Iran, if they get a nucluer bomb, Israel/Palestine problem.

Does he want to continue to import oil from abroad, does he want to continue to bail out Eurpoean banks, What will he do to Mexico vis a vie illegal imigration, what's his stance on wiretapping, drones over Pakistan, etc.

You see how little we know about this chump. Sarah has had a Facebook post over the last three years on all these subjects, further, she had a 5 point foreign policy address a few months back.

We can expect Slick Rick to steal all of Sarah's positions. If Rino Fox would only tell the truth about this empty suit!
The same could be said about Perry's domestic policy positions. What are they? Is he in favor of drilling in ANWR? What's his position on off-shore drilling? He supported TARP in 2008. What is his current position on bailouts? Where does he stand on school choice? The list of issues for which Perry's position is unknown is endless.

I checked Perry's campaign website hoping to find answers to some of these questions, but came up empty. Many of his supporters have directed people to his recent book, but he's already backing away from much of what he wrote. When will the press start demanding answers? The upcoming debates should be interesting.

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Mitt Romney: Town Hall Meeting Dover, NH (FULL VIDEO 08-25-11)

Republican Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney held a town meeting at the McConnell Community Center in New Hampshire. This event was the last in a series of campaign town hall meetings the former Governor held this month in New Hampshire, which is hosting the nation's first presidential primary in February 2012.

To view the event, click the button under the photo below:

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PPP Polling: 2012 GOP Presidential results with Third Party

PPP has put together a scenario of what would happen if it came down to Obama vs. Romney and a Third Party run.

I guess this is PPP's subliminal attempt to 'plant a seed' in the heads of Republican voters of what would happen if Romney is nominated when IN REALITY, any Republican other than Romney, would lose by even a greater margin. I can hear the anyone but Romney folks now, "I bet if they had done Rick Perry duh...he would have won.

Here is their results, for what it's worth.

Head-to-Head with third party candidate:

Barack Obama 47%
Mitt Romney 26%
Sarah Palin 21%
Undecided 6%

Barack Obama 46%
Mitt Romney 30%
Donald Trump 18%
Undecided 5%

Barack Obama 45%
Mitt Romney 33%
Ron Paul 15%
Undecided 8%

Barack Obama 46%
Mitt Romney 40%
Jon Huntsman 7%
Undecided 7%

Barack Obama 45%
Mitt Romney 41%
Ralph Nader 7%
Undecided 7%

Barack Obama 45%
Mitt Romney 41%
Bernie Sanders 5%
Undecided 9%
PPP surveyed 700 American voters from August 18th to 21st. The margin of error for the
survey is +/-3.7%.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.

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Man's Best Friend until the end and beyond

This story caught my eye and I have to confess to having watery eyes as I post this:
Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson had a very close friend in his life – his dog, Hawkeye. Tumilson, a former San Diego resident, was killed August 6 in the Chinook helicopter crash that also claimed the lives of 29 other American servicemembers.
The photo to the right was taken by Tumilson's cousin and was emailed to Home Post with this message:
Hawkeye is/was his loyal “son”. To say that
he was an amazing man doesn’t do him justice. The loss of Jon to his
family, military family and friends is immeasurable. I hadn’t planned
on taking any pictures other than with family. However, from my seat
at the funeral, I felt compelled to take one photo to share with
family members that couldn’t make it or couldn’t see what I could from
the aisile. This is that photo…

The full story is HERE.

My prayers go out to Jon Tomilson who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and his family. May he rest in peace.

What about Hawkeye?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rick Perry Agrees With Obama: Open Borders For America! (Video)

The following is an enlightening montage of statements made by Rick Perry on border security and illegal immigration. If I had never heard of Perry prior to viewing the video, I would have mistaken him for a Democrat. Why is this not being covered by the conservative media?

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The interested reader will look at this chart and discern some interesting statistics:

1. There has been a 10 % increase in PRIVATE SECTOR jobs under Rick perry, since 2000.

2. There has been a 18.3 % INCREASE in GOVERNMENT jobs since 2000

3. Rick Perry's Texas created 1,081,900 total non farm jobs in a 11 year period or about 100,000 jobs per year.

4. George W Bush created 1,611,700 jobs in a 5 year period or about 300,000 jobs per year

5. Texas' Unemployment Rate in July 2011 was the highest since 1987

6. TEXAS received $ 24 BILLION in Federal stimulus funds during Rick Perry's administration

7. Rick Perry just raised Texas taxes by $ 60 million to cut the budget shortfall

8. The Club For Growth just released a White Paper on Perry calling his Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund, " a form of corporate welfare."

The point of all this is that the drip is becoming a flood of information about the Texas Charlatan and each day and each week will bring more information to light. It will be fascinating to see if anybody even remotely covers this or if they really don't care


In yet another insightful look at the TEXAS Jobs Machine, under Rick Perry, the San Antonio Express headlines the following :


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Big H/T to Politico this morning for a timely, provocative and ominous warning :

Perry: GOP savior or Goldwater II?

Barry M. Goldwater (left) and Rick Perry are pictured. | AP Photos
Rick Perry, like Barry M. Goldwater, has made ill-considered comments, the author writes.

Read more:

Read the whole story when you can, but I was County Chairman in 1964 for Barry Goldwater. I read a great book " The Conscience of a Conservative ", traveled around several states listening to his John Wayne oratory, watching his photo montages in cowboy hat, western sunsets, Arizona Highways photo layouts and getting chills listening to his clear,succinct pronouncements about the welfare state, the power of Washington, the references to Hayek and the Road to Serfdom. I had lots of little Gold elephants, cases of Gold water ginger ale and hundreds of pins with
" In Your Heart You Know He's Right ".
I knew he was right. All of my friends knew he was right.
When he picked Bill Miller as an unknown VP, we KNEW he was right.....because Miller was a true believer too
When he shouted " Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice", we knew he was right.
When he castigated the eastern establishment and Bill Scranton and Nelson Rockefeller for their " squishy" centrist philosophies........we knew he was right.

When Barry lost all of the states but Arizona in the fall election, we knew he was wrong. Barry knew he was wrong. The Barry Goldwater of 1970 would have correctly identified Rick perry as a kind of dull- witted caricature.....a poster child for what was wanted by conservatives rather than what is wanted by America. And that, my friends , leads to a election debacle like 1964 or 1972. If the GOP has amnesia, if the new generation of Tea Party enthusiasts cannot read it's own history, it is doomed to repeat it.
Goldwater knew he needed to moderate his views to accommodate the center...and he did
Goldwater would NEVER vote for Rick Perry


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Rick Perry: Romneycare is a Problem for me

Rick Perry had this to say on the Laura Ingraham Show:
Perry told Ingraham the law was a "total debacle" and would be a "huge problem" for Romney.
"I think Mitt is finally recognizing that the Massachusetts health care plan he passed is a huge problem for him," Perry said. "It was not almost perfect."
HaHaHaHa! You have to admit that considering the following data, Perry is either delusional or has a warped sense humor:

State with share of residents with health insurance:

Massachusetts 1st
Texas 50th

State with share of children with health insurance:

Massachusetts 1st
Texas 50th

So you see Rick. Romneycare isn't a problem, YOU ARE!

Can you imagine him bringing this up at a debate and Romney smiling and rattling off the data above? PRICELESS!

Oh, and BTW, you want a see a mandate with a problem. look HERE.

I'm a little disappointed with Laura on this. What I find so upsetting about the interview is that Ingraham didn't call him on the related data on his state under his watch. She certainly had to know. Instead, she gives him a FREE PASS! What a missed opportunity for another moment like this one on abstinence:

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Mitt Romney Telling It Like It Is (VIDEO 08-25-11)

Mitt Romney had some words for a THICK HEADED woman today at a Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire. She couldn't understand his support of "Cut, Cap and Balance":

Well Done Mitt!

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Sachs/Mason-Dixon Poll: Romney beats Obama by 8 points in Florida

Head-To-Head: (results from April 2011)

Romney 51% (48%)
Obama 43% (43%)

Perry 46%
Obama 45%

Obama 46%
Bachman 44%

Of note: this is the second national poll with Romney beating Obama by a substantial number in Florida. The other poll is HERE.

GOP Nomination:

Mitt Romney 28%
Rick Perry 21%
Michelle Bachman 13%
Herman Cain 7%
Newt Gingrich 5%
Ron Paul 4%
Rick Santorum 2%
Jon Huntsman -
Someone Else 3%
Undecided 17%
The Sachs/Mason-Dixon Poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. of Washington, D.C. from August 18 through August 22, 2011. A total of 625 registered voters. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percent. An over-sampling of 300 likely Republican primary voters. The margin for error plus or minus 5.8 percent.
The full story is HERE.

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PPP Polling: GOP Presidential Poll from Ohio

GOP Nomination: (results from May 2011)

Rick Perry 21%
Mitt Romney 20% (23%)
Michele Bachmann 14% (11%)
Herman Cain 10% (13%)
Newt Gingrich 8% (16%)
Ron Paul 8% (13%)
Jon Huntsman 1% (0%)
Someone else/Not sure 16% (18%)

WITH Palin:

Rick Perry 21%

Mitt Romney 18% (21%)
Sarah Palin 11% (16%)
Michele Bachmann 10% (10%)
Herman Cain 8% (12%)
Newt Gingrich 7% (12%)
Ron Paul 7% (9%)
Jon Huntsman 1% (1%)
Someone else/Undecided 15% (15%)
PPP surveyed 400 usual Ohio Republican primary voters from August 11th to 14th. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 4.9%.

The crosstabs can be viewed here.

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Magellan Poll: The GOP 2012 Iowa Caucus

GOP Nomination: (results from July 2011)

Rick Perry 24%
Michele Bachmann 22% (29%)
Mitt Romney 19% (16%)
Ron Paul 9% (5%)
Herman Cain 6% (8%)
Rick Santorum 4% (3%)
Newt Gingrich 4% (5%)
Jon Huntsman 1%
Some other candidate 3% (2%)
Undecided 8% (24%)
This survey was conducted using automated telephone touch tone technology. The 676 interviews were conducted on August 22nd and 23rd. This survey has a margin of error of 3.77% at the 95 percent confidence interval.

The crosstabs can be viewed here.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Erick Erickson: Establishment Stooge

Conservative talk radio has a history of selling their endorsements for cash. See here for how Rush, Levin, and Hannity do it. See here for how an associate of Erick Erickson tried to sell Erickson's endorsement for cash (of course, unbeknownst to Red State's fearless leader). Now, to the present. Erickson has found himself in quite a pickle as an email trail has revealed that he supported Virginia Senatorial Jaimie Radtke until he found out that his boss prefers George Allen. So now Erickson prefers Allen and has gone to great lengths of accusing Radtke of delivering a speech at the Red State gathering completely drunk.

What a principled conservative! The more you read about these clowns on talk radio, the more you realize that this is just a game to them. They want money. They are political prostitutes who will say anything to please their customers.

The conservative Virginia Senate candidate Jamie Radtke, whom — as I reported —'s Erick Erickson endorsed and then stepped back from because of his employer's friendship with George Allen, responds to his scathing denunciation.

He suggested that she had been drunk while giving a speech; she suggests in response that he's the worst thing a conservative can be these days — an establishment stooge:

“Erick’s blog goes beyond the pale,” Radtke stated. “He crossed the line by publishing complete falsehoods. Now, it is his responsibility to admit he did wrong, set the record straight and apologize — and that is what I am asking Erick to do.
“This kind of scurrilous behavior and treatment has been repeatedly carried out on tea party leaders and conservative candidates who dare challenge the good ‘ole boy Washington establishment. This attempt by the Washington establishment to destroy the tea party and their candidates must stop. Enough is enough."

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LIVE FEED Today: Mitt Romney Town Hall in Dover, NH (6:00 PM EST)

The event is scheduled on the CNN & C-SPAN 3 Channel below.

 To watch the feed, choose the appropriate channel under the photo below: