Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rick Perry Hasn't Told Us Where He Stands On Much Of Anything

H/T danielvito

A C4P commenter hit the nail on the head today. I decided to post his comment here, because it's exactly how I feel.
Question to any porno Perry supporter!

Name one foriegn policy position, 1.9 has. For example, is he for waterboarding, does he want to stay in Iraq/Aghanistan, Does he want to stay in Libyia, what's his position on China/India/Russia, does he want to continue to fund Nato/United Nation, what's his position on Iran, if they get a nucluer bomb, Israel/Palestine problem.

Does he want to continue to import oil from abroad, does he want to continue to bail out Eurpoean banks, What will he do to Mexico vis a vie illegal imigration, what's his stance on wiretapping, drones over Pakistan, etc.

You see how little we know about this chump. Sarah has had a Facebook post over the last three years on all these subjects, further, she had a 5 point foreign policy address a few months back.

We can expect Slick Rick to steal all of Sarah's positions. If Rino Fox would only tell the truth about this empty suit!
The same could be said about Perry's domestic policy positions. What are they? Is he in favor of drilling in ANWR? What's his position on off-shore drilling? He supported TARP in 2008. What is his current position on bailouts? Where does he stand on school choice? The list of issues for which Perry's position is unknown is endless.

I checked Perry's campaign website hoping to find answers to some of these questions, but came up empty. Many of his supporters have directed people to his recent book, but he's already backing away from much of what he wrote. When will the press start demanding answers? The upcoming debates should be interesting.

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BOSMAN said...

If the MSM does 1/5 of the vetting they did on Palin, Perry would be TOAST in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny the Palin folks are so against Perry, when IMO, he has cut a deal with the she-devil herself.

DCZimmerman said...

Anonymous...IMO your opinion has no basis in fact.

DanL said...

Perry has an enormous head. It's like someone put a cow's head on a human body.

Anonymous said...

Perry's having an identity crises! He's backing off his stands in his recent book! He's flipped on his recent opinion of the NY gay marriage/state's right stance once he got the memo from his "religious" right groups. And recently he's "admitted" his "error" on the HPV executive order mandate overturned by the conservative legislature....must've been another memo!

The guy doesn't know what his stands are.........until he gets the "memos" from the Christian groups backing him! (I will not be so cynical as to say that perhaps THEIR agenda is...."anyone but a Mormon.")

Rick is just trying to figure out who he REALLY is for this upcoming election! He has some "pandering" to do yet.

Right Wingnut said...

Let's see what the Freepers have to say about this...