Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mitt Romney: Town Hall Meeting Dover, NH (FULL VIDEO 08-25-11)

Republican Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney held a town meeting at the McConnell Community Center in New Hampshire. This event was the last in a series of campaign town hall meetings the former Governor held this month in New Hampshire, which is hosting the nation's first presidential primary in February 2012.

To view the event, click the button under the photo below:

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Anonymous said...

"I don't know who told politicians that there was a number called a trillion, but they learned it, and know they borrowed it."

That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

And accurate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Bosman.

Perry can't hold a CANDLE to Mitt. The truth will come out!


Joe said...

Bill Burton: Rick Perry 'dangerous,' potentially 'devastating' for America

Noelle said...

First of all, thanks Bosman for finding and posting this. I have really enjoyed watching all these town hall meetings. They really allow Romney to shine. This one was good because it was longer than others I have seen, and it had several questions that I had not heard him address before.

Second of all, Romney, in this town hall meeting, mentioned one area where he and I are on opposite sides. GO YANKEES!

But I am willing to overlook this area of weakness for Mitt, and I will continue to support him. :)

Anonymous said...

Martha, I agree, Perry can't hold a candle to him. I never thought of him as kind, but when he was introduced as such in the beginning, I thought, yes, he's right!

Machtyn said...

Trust me, Noelle was really, really upset about the anti-Yankee sentiment. I mean she never considered not voting for Romney when she heard that, but she just might make an angry face when the topic comes up again.