Friday, August 26, 2011


The interested reader will look at this chart and discern some interesting statistics:

1. There has been a 10 % increase in PRIVATE SECTOR jobs under Rick perry, since 2000.

2. There has been a 18.3 % INCREASE in GOVERNMENT jobs since 2000

3. Rick Perry's Texas created 1,081,900 total non farm jobs in a 11 year period or about 100,000 jobs per year.

4. George W Bush created 1,611,700 jobs in a 5 year period or about 300,000 jobs per year

5. Texas' Unemployment Rate in July 2011 was the highest since 1987

6. TEXAS received $ 24 BILLION in Federal stimulus funds during Rick Perry's administration

7. Rick Perry just raised Texas taxes by $ 60 million to cut the budget shortfall

8. The Club For Growth just released a White Paper on Perry calling his Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund, " a form of corporate welfare."

The point of all this is that the drip is becoming a flood of information about the Texas Charlatan and each day and each week will bring more information to light. It will be fascinating to see if anybody even remotely covers this or if they really don't care


In yet another insightful look at the TEXAS Jobs Machine, under Rick Perry, the San Antonio Express headlines the following :


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ken said...

So basically, Texas was in cruise control and because Perry just went along for the ride.

Some leadership.

It surprising what information is out there if only people took their blinders off and did some homework.

Revolution 2012 said...

I don't expect Fox or the other media outlets to vet Perry.

The LSM won't. They'd love Perry to face Obama.

And to think, this guy has more baggage than Gingrich ten-fold.

The big difference is that Gingrich is intelligent and Perry is a light weight in that department.

Anonymous said...

why the hell is this post a mile long on my pc

Anonymous said...

This website just seems like a leftist front group. Do you guys honestly believe anyone takes you seriously?

It's funny to watch because your hysteria surrounding Perry is the same hysteria you nuts had in regard to Trump, Palin, etc.. It's so palpable, even when you're desperately trying to appear objective, or 'conservative' in this case.

You guys are too pathetic. Your communist boy's gonna get absolutely fucked in 2012. Hope the money he's paying you is worth it.

GetReal said...

I can't believe Rick Perry himself personally replied to this piece - and with all the intelligence and decorum he's known for!

craigs said...

It is a mile long on your PC............because we know it takes you a long time to read


Anonymous said...

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