Friday, August 26, 2011

Rick Perry Agrees With Obama: Open Borders For America! (Video)

The following is an enlightening montage of statements made by Rick Perry on border security and illegal immigration. If I had never heard of Perry prior to viewing the video, I would have mistaken him for a Democrat. Why is this not being covered by the conservative media?

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Anonymous said...

I've become a moderate on immigration. We need reforms, along the lines of what Dan suggested last year on ROS. He had some great ideas to make reform work for everyone. It doesn't have to be either throw them all out, or give them blanket amnesty.

So Perry's moderation on immigration doesn't bother me all that much. But it certainly doesn't seem to jive with the far right or the tea party folks.

It hasn't been that many years since the country was up in arms about immigration. Kind of weird how that goes.


BOSMAN said...

RWN, Excellent find.

Let's see him spin his way out of this...

Oh wait, he won't have to if Fox and other networks don't bring it up.

If this were Palin, Romney, Bachmann, et al, It would be running 24/7.

BOSMAN said...


It doesn't bother you because you know about it and decided it's not that bad. What about THOSE THAT DON'T know about it? Don't they have the right to decide? Perhaps this would be THE NAIL in his coffin for them?

Will they get the opportunity to decide if the media hide it?

Right Wingnut said...

Even McCain supported the Arizona immigration law!

Noelle said...

Here is my idea on how to handle illegal immigration: in addition to securing the border and cracking down on employers who hire illegals, I would suggest the following:
1. all illegals must register and pay a yearly fee (I suggest $3,000/year) for the privilege of living and working in this country. Not registering would result in deportation if caught.
2. illegals receive 0 entitlements.
3. violent criminals serve in US prisons, non-violent criminals to be deported.
4. illegals cannot vote.
5. in order to obtain legal status, they must do so from within their home country.

My thought is that it is impractical to deport all illegal aliens, but the criminals must go. I personally knew a fellow from Cuba (not illegal, obviously) who, along with his buddy, instead of a job, made money by shoplifting.

The annual fee would at least partially offset the excessive cost that illegal immigration causes. Illegals would be motivated to register and pay the fee because they would then receive permission to live and work within the US, but other privileges of citizenship would be denied. They could pursue legal status, but only if they returned to their home country and did it the right way.

I would be interested to see my thoughts on the matter be studied to see if it is a viable plan.

Anonymous said...

Good question for Beck who seems to protecting the governor of his new state! Where's Beck integrity?? His support of the guy with the "conservative" clothes on is showing a side of Beck I'm surprised to find.

Fox..........why don't they "vet"? Must be a memo from the TOP guy! He's getting the royal treatment from them!

Limbaugh needs the he's on the Romney bash wagon and on the Perry band wagon. Such integrity from the tv radio as well as Fox.

Anonymous said...

Bosman, Absolutely! This is a pure failure on the part of FOX, talk radio, etc. And I don't get it. How did Perry earn the right to skate into and through this primary without scrutiny of his record?!

It's obvious to anyone paying attention that he is not up to snuff. The man just isn't all that birght--and is not impressive in the least. Why in heavens name is he being protected? It all stinks to high heaven.

But it's only been a few weeks. Let's hope better judgment is forthcoming. I really appreciate your efforts here Bosman.


Snorfy said...

Rick Perry was a DEMORAT. He was also Al Gore's helping hand when Gore ran for President.

Perry was implanted long before the seeds of obama sprouted so that he can continue to reign in the tyranny if obama fails.

Perry is a traitor, fool, undependable, etc... He was appointed to governer of Texas when Bush resigned to run for President.

Figure that one out.
Don't leave out, Perry tried to sell off Texas public roads to Spain or France, attempting to create toll roads they controlled and profitted from.