Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey Rick....Who's minding the store?

I was wondering while Rick Perry was out running around America campaigning for President, who was actually running his state.

It's not like John McCain back in 08, he was a sitting Senator who still managed to get back for the important votes.

Mtt Romney was out of his Governorship by the time his Presidential campaign got under way. But Perry and active Governor of one of the largest states in the union, was JUST RE-ELECTED.

Now I can't help but wonder if he thought while he was out campaigning for reelection as Governor of Texas did he think...... nice fall back if I don't get the 2012 GOP nomination.......Still have a nice place to live paid for by Texas taxpayers.

And then there was his 2011 inauguration speech .....Sounded an awful lot like a speech for someone running for President. I must be mistaken though, Perry wouldn't want to screw the citizens of his state by knowingly running for re-election while the White House was his goal all along.......Nah, must be my imagination.

But I still have to wonder if those folks in Texas would have voted for him if they new he'd be a candidate now.............Oh, and who's minding the store?

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Right Wingnut said...

The go governor of Texas doesn't do much and has little they probably won't notice that he's gone.

Anonymous said...

try as you all may, perry will be the gop nominee, not willard and not a certain media spotlight grabbing quitter from alaska. Perry's record surpasses both of these airheads put together, willard was a corporate raider filling his own pockets while sending jobs overseas and palin was a half term gov who cant even name one newspaper she reads or one of the founding fathers. Perry is a man who has led texas to one of the best states to apply for a job.Perry 2012!!

larry said...

It sounded like a speech a Presidential candidate would give.

I think you're on to something. Perry is simply collecting his salary now when he could have decided not to run and free up the Governorship for a full time person who actually wants to be Governor there.

larry said...

Anon :14

Perry is an idiot who governed a state that's been in cruise control for the past 20 years.

TexasConservative said...

First of all, I voted for KBH rather than Perry. I knew that he would run for POTUS, as did many Texans.

But this reminds me of why Romney's opponents and their supporters did not like Romney in 2008. Presenting information that does have some truth to it, but failing to disclose truth on his own record.

Romney was highly criticized regarding his out of state travel record as governor because MA residents knew he was going to run for POTUS.

So here you have a case of Bosman presenting information about who is running the state of Texas, while failing to point out that Romney had the same problem while in office.

I don't think that Perry will have a problem going after Romney on these types of half truths. But Romney and his supporters can try it again and see how it goes.

I could not find the articles that were available in 2008 regarding this, so here is just the wikipedia reference to Romney's out of state travel record as Gov. of MA:

As chair of the Republican Governors Association, Romney traveled around the country, meeting prominent Republicans and building a national political network;[119] he spent part or all of more than 200 days out of state during 2006, preparing for his run.[122] Romney's frequent out-of-state travel contributed towards his approval rating declining in public polls towards the end of his term.

Ohio JOE said...

"But this reminds me of why Romney's opponents and their supporters did not like Romney in 2008. Presenting information that does have some truth to it, but failing to disclose truth on his own record." Bingo, the more the Romneyites write about Mr. Perry, the more I like this guy. It is too bad that Mr. Perry is not as Right Wing as the Romneyites try to paint him. When the Romneyites attacked his military service yesterday, it showed their true colors. In fairness, to the Romneyites, at least a few of them had the decency to call out the crazies in their own camp.

Noelle said...

I'm a "Romneyite" and I don't think Perry is right wing. I think he has a pretty mixed up record. He's good when it comes to regulation and tort reform, but when it comes to the Trans Texas Corridor, when it comes to his Dream Act, when it comes to his increase in Texas government spending and government jobs, he is certainly NOT right wing.

Perry enjoys the benefits of being the governor of a state long run by Republicans, and it is my belief that his record is more to the credit of the Texas legislature than it is to himself.

Romney brought a very leftist state more toward the center. He turned the MA budget $3 billion deficit into a multi-million dollar surplus.

Romney is vastly more prepared to deal with the issues on a national basis than Perry is.

Ohio JOE said...

"I'm a "Romneyite" and I don't think Perry is right wing." Yes, Noelle, but ironically, you are not a typical Romneyite in some regards.

Noelle said...

How is that ironic?

Ohio JOE said...

Well Noelle, like most Romneyites, you are a pragmatists and you admire his business success, on the other hand, you are certainly further to the right of the average 4.0 Romney supporter. Thus, you do not attack him from the Left like your co-camp members. Perhaps what really makes you unique is that you do not go totally mad at the sound of Mr. Perry's name.

Noelle said...

Well, I have a lot of problems with Perry. My communication style is such that I try not to get into fights with other people, but you won't find me defending Perry, other than his proven record of limited government regulation and tort reform. It's true, so I won't deny it. But that's where his credibility ends as far as I'm concerned. I think my fellow Romneyites attack Perry as being far right because of his far right positions outlined in his book. His actual record of governing, with his spearheading of the Trans Texas Corridor which would have damaged small business, both because of the exercise of Eminent Domain which would have eliminated hundreds of thousands of acres of prime farmland, as well as cutting off smaller communities from cross-Texas traffic thus impacting their economy. And then there's the fact it was to be owned by a foreign entity.

I believe that Perry's record is more conservative than it would be due to the fact that he was kept in check by a Republican Congress. But even still he managed to increase the size if government both in budget and as an employer. I simply do not comprehend how people who support TEA party principles can support this guy.

Ohio JOE said...

"I simply do not comprehend how people who support TEA party principles can support this guy." The Tea Party as a whole does not support him, he has individual Tea Partiers who support him like the other candidates.

Anonymous said...

I have two brothers living in Texas. One says Perry is a "nothing," and the other said he voted for him twice because "he was the lesser of two evils." Impressive, isn't it, OJ?

My brothers like Romney better, although I think I am the most passionate Romneyite in the family, having followed his career since he saved the Winter Olympics in 2002. Perhaps my family are all pragmatists; we actually think someone who has spent much of his life SOLVING PROBLEMS might be a better match for POTUS at a time when we have LOTS AND LOTS OF PROBLEMS TO SOLVE. If Rick Perry is a "nothing" (from my brother who is a top exec in an airline in TX), maybe we shouldn't vote him in to solve these problems.


Joe said...

EXCLUSIVE: Iowa farmers blast Rick Perry’s answer to their questions about ethanol mandate -

Ohio JOE said...

I am sorry, it took so long for me to respond AZ. While we disagree with Mr. Romney and Mrs. Palin, I do understand where your brothers from Texas are coming from. If I were a Texan, I would hold my nose and vote for Mr. Perry. He was not the best candidate for governor in either the primary or the general, but he was the best out of the top two in both cases.

After Church this past Sunday, I asked a Texan who use to live on my street (in Ohio, not Texas) if he would support Mr. Perry. He said that he would even though he liked the two women candidates better because Mr. Perry was the best we could hope for. So Yes, Mr. Perry is the middle of the road not too Conservative not too Moderate candidate in the race. Good enough for many to vote for, but not good enough to get excited about.

As to Mr. Romney, yes he did solve problem in the private sector and for the SLC, Utah winter games. However, let's just say I am not quite as comfortable with the way he handled things as governor.

Anonymous said...

I see that you just made your comment, OJ, so I will respond and hope you will see mine.

Please remember that Perry was operating in a very conservative state with a very conservative legislature. One he was severely rebuked by over the Guardasil issue, the Trans-Texas corridor, and probably some others, as well.

Romney was in a very liberal state, with a veto-proof Democrat legislature. Romney was pushed about as far to the left as he was willing to go; Perry is a liberal-leaning guy in a conservative state. He will be a loose cannon if we send him to Washington. I predict that we haven't really seen all of his left-leaning tendencies because the legislature and conservative nature of his state have prevented him from at least some of his leftist stupidity. I would say the same about Jon Huntsman. I hope you will consider this fact in your decision-making process.

One more thing, having another Texas governor run for President in 2012 is a little too close on the heels of the last Texas governor, who still brings a lot of negative feelings to many in the electorate. It is a sad fact, but a true one. It weakens Perry in the general before he even arrives.


Ohio JOE said...

Well, you make some good points. If I were just voting on records, I'd be a Huntsmanite, but in view of the fact that he has said some funny things lately, I am not so sure I'd choose him over either Mr. Perry or Mr. Romney.

Anonymous said...

OJ, thanks for listening to me.