Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Could Jim DeMint ever endorse Rick Perry? I don't think so.

With the entrance of Rick Perry into the 2012 race, South Carolina might be a make or break win for Rick Perry. If he were to take Iowa, less so. I believe that Iowa though is up for grabs and Perry is just one of the potential could be winners there.

So for the sake of argument, I would think that a Jim DeMint endorsement could very well become a determining factor in winning South Carolina.

Now one of the major issues close to DeMint's heart is securing our borders. The problem for Rick Perry is that when it comes to immigration and securing the border, he's not on the same side of the fence as Jim DeMint. In fact if Perry had his way, they'd be no fence.

Jim DeMint has been pushing for the completion of a double fence while Rick Perry calls any fence, ridiculous. Add to this, Perry's version of the Dream Act in his state and I can only imagine DeMint in a slow burn when Perry's name comes up.

Mitt Romney on the other hand, is more in line with DeMints view. Just recently he made an indirect jab at Perry at a town hall meeting when he criticised states with sancuary cities and those that offer incentives to the children of illegals through low cost instate tuition credits:

Here is Mitt Romney (I can only imagine DeMint saying, "Right On!")

For those that don't know this, DeMint had served as Chairman of Mitt Romney's 08 Exploratory Committee and was very active in Romney's campaign. Of course that was when DeMint was not well know so an endorsement now would carry a lot more weight.

So my belief is that DeMint will endorse Romney, not Perry.

BTW, Who backed Nikki Haley for the GOP nomination for Governor when people in her own state were asking, Nikki Who? Answer. (1, 2 )


craigs said...

I was looking at Jensen's " Tweets" yesterday about PPP's upcoming S. Carolina poll which will show a big lead for Perry in that state.
I noticed that Jensen says

” Perry up big in S. Carolina, but Romney 7 % better against Obama. Perry surge great news for Obama"

Only 27 % of Perry supporters believe Obama born in U.S

Only 27 % of Perry supporters believe in evolution

Only 17 % of Perry supporters believe in global warming

Seems like a perfect fit.

Jensen also tweets that Obama leads Palin in Kentucky which is obviously bad news for Sarah

and Romney is up 25 % over Obama with Kentucky independents

Good and bad news…….but it’s August and we have, as Frost said, “miles to go” and lots and lots of bridges to cross. A pretty good August for Romney. Most competition stumbling around and focus is all on one new guy who’s peaking 5 months ahead of first votes. Lot’s to see

Right Wingnut said...

Has it really come down to whether or not he secures a DeMint endorsement? Wow.

Why isn't Romney attending DeMint's forum?

Anonymous said...

RWN........1) Mitt had already announced his Jobs plan to be announced in Nevada the next day.
2) My question: Why invite Guiliani (not even announced) to the forum when announced candidates (but polling low) not invited. On the one hand I understand......but not on the other!

Right Wingnut said...


I'm sure he could make it to Nevada in time if he attended DeMint's forum.

With Perry surging, I think it's a big mistake to skip it.

Anonymous said...

Of course I would prefer that Mitt wins SC. But I would also LOVE it if Mitt won the nomination without SC and broke history.