Sunday, January 9, 2011

Senator Jim DeMint interview. Was he thinking of Mitt Romney?

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) was a Five 4 Friday guest this week with David Brody at RightNetwork.

Now this isn't the first time Senator Jim DeMint talked about what he is looking for in a President. So when the Senator started talking about what qualities he was looking for, his remarks reminded me of something. It was like, deja vu.

Now unless you're a fan of Mitt Romney, you may want to skip what follows. However, you're more than welcome and encouraged to continue. The following videos I had up on ROS. With ROS closing down, I wanted to post a record of them here. What follows is some great DeMint Praising Romney videos.

Now some may say, Who cares what Jim DeMint thinks? My answer is, Those who value his opinion and/or judgment. Others will say, Well that was 2008, we're talking 2012? My answer is, Mitt Romney was the last person DeMint endorsed for President. Until he endorses someone else, Mitt is it. Besides, Has Mitt done anything since 2008 to change Jim's mind? And who (1, 2) does he say is still on the top of his 2012 list? Enjoy:

For those interested, HERE is Jim DeMint's letter endorsing Mitt Romney back in 2007 as Chairman of his Presidential exploratory Committee. The content and issues brought up in DeMint's letter are so relevant that if one didn't know better, you would think it was written today.

Just recently:

Who was the FIRST NAME he mentioned? Look at 7:20 minute mark:



Anonymous said...

Great videos Bos. 2 of them I have never seen before.

His letter is something else. He's praising Romney back then as to being able to solve the problems plaguing us today. What a timely letter of endorsement.

Thanks for posting all of this.


Ann said...

I have only seen one of these before.

DeMint's letter was quite complementary.

It is clear to me now, that he feels Mitt Romney would make a great President.

My guess is that he won't announce his endorsement again until Romney announces his candidacy.

phil said...

Demint really looks enthusiastic when he's talking Romney.

Also, look at the expression on his face in the photo as he looks at Romney.

Anonymous said...

Palin/DeMint 2 0 1 2