Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help choose Newt Gingrich's Top Quality of Endearment

Newt Gingrich has so many qualities unique to him in comparison to the other candidates running for President.

I'm a little puzzled though as to what quality the ABR group, Christian right, and Values voters like best.

What I've done is to list some qualities below. I'm going to ask Right Speak readers to vote on the quality that they feel is the most attractive to the Gingrich supporters.

My hope is that some of the other candidates may be able to benefit once they realize what makes Newt so attractive. I have numbered them in no particular order. I am also going to running a poll on these qualities as well. You will find the poll under the Chat Box in the right column on Right Speak's front page.

I'm hoping that if you feel there is value in narrowing down Newt's top quality, you will spread these links to the polls (GROUP 1, GROUP 2) Because Newt has so many endearing qualities, I've had to break the items down into 2 GROUPS. What I will do at the end is have a run-off of the top-two qualities in each of the groups to determine which one is the favorite:

Gingrich's Endearing Qualities: (GROUP 1)
  1. Serial adulterer: Cheated on two wives and married his mistress
  2. Converted to Catholicism after marrying his mistress who sings in the National Cathedral Choir, then co produced and marketed DVD's geared toward Catholics.
  3. Deadbeat Dad
  4. Supported Bush 2's plan for giving Amnesty to 11 million illegals
  5. Supports giving special consideration to illegals who have been here the longest.
  6. Supported the Dream Act
  7. His Global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi
  8. His support for a National Health Care mandate as opposed to a state only plan like Romneycare and  how he planned to cash in on a National Plan.
Gingrich's Endearing Qualities: (GROUP 2)
  1. His work with Freddy Mac ($1,800,000.00)
  2. One of the highest paid lobbyists in Washington
  3. During the House banking scandal in 1992, where so many congressmen wrote rubber checks on government money, Gingrich bounced 22 checks plus his vote on a secret pay raise for the House.
  4. In 1995, Rupert Murdoch was having regulatory problems with NBC claiming Fox News was Foreign Owned which is against U.S law. Typically, Murdoch offered lucrative book deals with leaders in countries like the U.K and China to solve his regulatory problems . Murdoch used his control of publisher Harper Collins in these efforts. Murdoch offered $ 2.5 MM to Newt for his book and then raised the ante to $ 4.5 MM. When the details of the book deal were made public, Gingrich met personally with Murdoch on a park bench and negotiated an equally lucrative royalties based pay out.
  5. His view that child labor laws are stupid and as an example, we could fire all school custodians and hire students to do the work instead.
  6. His scams like the "Champions of Medicine" and "Entrepreneur of the year Awards.
  7. His Globalist Views.
Please take the time to vote for your favorite in each group.

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Anonymous said...

nice job, Bosman!

Terrye said...

Well in truth, his most endearing quality is his bizarre personality. His narcissism and his habit of referring to himself as a "world historical figure".

Anonymous said...


Nice polls Bosman. It's so hard to choose, though! It seems that his work as an historian, and the fact that he's an irresistible casanova makes him the most endearing. We are so lucky.


Anonymous said...

Awesome poll!

Kim said...

This proves without a doubt that those who support Gingrich and call themselves conservative and family values voters are hypocrites.

I'd love to hear what a Gingrich supporter feels about this.

Ben said...

I love this post. It's not everyday the GOP has such a "colorful" candidate.

Anonymous said...

these are all good reason in order NOT to choose Newt as Candidate, even if he was a ''' lonely candidate ''', without Obama, like used to be in the ex - Warsaw - Pact in the old days.