Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newt Gingrich on Health Care Mandates

Newt Gingrich has attacked Mitt Romney on the issue of the individual health insurance mandate, while chalking up his own past support for the idea as an indiscretion in the 1990’s. But as it turns out, those 1990’s stretch all the way to 2005 — and beyond, to 2008 — when Gingrich gave as passionate an explanation of the mandate idea as any current supporter could ever muster.

On his own web site, Gingrich’s campaign explains: “In the 1990s, Newt and many other conservatives, such as the Heritage Foundation, proposed a mandate to purchase health insurance as the alternative to Hillarycare. However, the problems outlined above caused Newt to come to the principled conclusion that a mandate to purchase health insurance was unconstitutional, unworkable and counterproductive to lowering the cost of healthcare.”
The full story is HERE.

In the 1990's huh? What about the middle of the first decade of the 2000's?

Here he is in 2005:

I know, I know, the serial adulterer's, I mean apologist's mea culpa is in the mail.

Now I wouldn't want to be accused of taking his statement out of context, so here is the entire video, if interested:

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Anonymous said...

Romney needs to come out for a national mandate like Gingrich to gain the favor of the ABR cult.

A state mandate for MA only, just isn't broad enough.

larry said...

I think I just heard the toast pop.

Terrye said...

Hypocrite...the man is a self serving hypocrite..but that won't keep Hannity from slobbering all over him..and a lot of other people who laughingly call themselves conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know that when an ABR candidate changes their mind like Newt Gingrich on Cap and Trade,Individual mandate,Paul Ryan's budget, is called "walking it back" not flip flopping....just ask Fox, Rush and Brett Bair.

What a bunch of Hypocrites!

ConMan said...

I am totally discusted with the Republican party and those who have chosen to look the other way and it comes to Newt Gingrich and his extensive collection of bad choices he has made in his lifetime.

I'm beginning to think there is more to this ABR movement that goes beyond values and policy.

President Obama and the Democrats will have a field day and a multitude of resources to bring down Gingrich if he is the nominee. I expect them to sit back and do nothing on Gingrich until the primaries play out.

Teemu said...

Well, media hasn't take re look at Newt's baggage yet. Also his debate performance has helped, but he hasn't really been confronted for his lobbying yet, since the only debate after the scale of his lobbying started to come out was national security debate. I think the newt balloon will pop once people are properly reminded.

Anonymous said...

The main difference between newt and he other rise and fall candidates, is what newts surge has done to mitts intrade numbers. No other candidate has affected intrade like newt has. He cant be taken lightly

Teemu said...

This far away from elections the intraders are also trying to bet on hype also. If I was playing with intrade I would have probably bet on Newt Gingrich at 1.2 dollar share earlier and I would have probably bailed out now that it is almost on $3, even though I don't believe he has any real chances to win the primary.

FastFacts said...

What about his support for the individual mandate back in May of this year: CNN's King asked Gingrich about this 'convenient' flip-flop:

Gingrich says that now he knows better... after 6 months.


Revolution 2012 said...

Many people are unaware of Gingrich's past.

I expect Romney's endorsements to begin to multiply in the coming weeks.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley endorse Romney. I also expect Jim DeMint to openly criticize Gingrich.

Anonymous said...


Please eloborate why DeMint will attack Gingrich. Does he not like Gingrich?

Ryan already said he won't be endorsing anyone due a particular committee he is on.

But I hope you are right in your assessment.

Newt must be stopped!

Bethany said...

Newt allows information to affect into his thinking. His constituency does not appreciate this.