Sunday, November 20, 2011

Newt Gingrich seems to thrive in the GRAY areas

Newt Gingrich seems to be a magician when it comes to covering his ass.

Case in point:

At the debate the other day, Gingrich was asked about the $300,000 dollars he made in 2006 as a 'consultant' for Freddie Mac. Of Course he answered the question stating that all he did was give them advise. Now we all find out after that the $300,000 was more like $1,600,000.00 and it wasn't a one shot deal but part of a long relationship between Newt and Freddie Mac.

Newt was on the Laura Ingraham Show where he did his best Harold Hill (a.k.a. the Music Man) impersonation to explain it away and to emphasize that he was not a lobbyist for them. Of course Freddie Mac only picked him as there consultant out of the air and it had nothing to do with him being the former Speaker and influence on the hill, as well as knowing all the ins and outs of how to get things done. If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you.

It seems to me, that Newt always seems be dancing in the GRAY AREAS of issues around his personal life and dealings. Nothing is ever cut and dry or simple.

Early this year, Newt was accused  of being a lobbyist for an ethanol lobbying group in which he received $300,000.00.  According to the Center for Public Integrity:
Gingrich was a hired consultant to a major ethanol lobbying group—at more than $300,000 a year.
According to IRS records, the ethanol group Growth Energy paid Gingrich’s consulting firm $312,500 in 2009.The former House Speaker was the organization’s top-paid consultant, according to the records. His pay was one of the group’s largest single expenditures, as it took in and spent about $11 million to promote ethanol and to lobby for federal incentives for its use.
Of course, once again, Gingrich denies that he did any lobbying for the group.

Here's an analogy: If someone comes to you with an empty gun, and tells you we want to do this...this...and this. Then you say, well here are some bullets, are you doing more than just advising them? Sure, you're not pulling the trigger, but are you culpable for any of their actions while they were running around with that gun and your bullets?

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Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem with Newt is deciding which controversies to write about, Bosman. There's so much material, so little time . . .


Anonymous said...

Great post.

Gingrich may be brilliant, but he is still a self-serving sleaze bag.

Terrye said...

Gingrich is an intelligent man...but he has no common sense at all. None. He just does not see the world like normal human beings do..his ego does not let him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bosman, this is OFF TOPIC...can you look into getting a mobile version of this site. I have an android based tablet, I've been using and unfortunately this site turns into old dial up when I try to open it...I guess due to all of the videos and jpegs? I think you can have a mobile version, through blogger, by getting some kind of free widget.


Anonymous said...

JR, I use my nook color to access sometimes, and I have no problem. I think (not sure) it's android based.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm not sure what happened but I am now accessing the mobile version. Cool mobile layout!