Thursday, November 17, 2011

Newt & Freddie & $300,000 or was it $1,600,000.00?

So, Newt never said he was good in math $300,000 from Freddie turns into $1,600,000, he was just a little off.

Well anyway, here Newt is trying to clear up his relationship with Freddie on the Laura Ingraham Show:

Aren't you glad he cleared all that up? .........In his head anyway.

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Right Wingnut said...

Thanks for the clip. This helps confirm that this is a big 'nothing-burger.' I spoke with two conservative friends who are skeptical of Newt about this yesterday. They didn't think it was a big deal either. He was a consultant for FHLMC. Big deal. He was also a consultant for IBM and several other large corporations. He says he didn't lobby on theirs, or anyone else's behalf. If that is proven to be false, then we have a story. If not, these allegations will be proven to be nothing but baseless smears.

By the way, He isn't the one who came up with the $300,000 number. He was asked in the debate to explain the $300,000 the Gingrich Group earned in 2006.

This kind of attack makes people even more likely to support the Speaker, IMO.

Right Wingnut said...

I have a suggestion for your next hit piece...Newt bought his wife jewelry from Tiffany's!

Anonymous said...


You should check out this you tube video on the "Real Newt". It is 33 minutes long and it doesn't even touch upon his personal life. The facts can not be disputed. Gingrich is a big government guy and Gingrich was one of the few Republicans who voted for the creation of the Department of Education.

Right Wingnut said...


I'm sure there are things I wouldn't like in the video. I could find similar videos on the others as well, including Mitt. Next.

BOSMAN said...


He cleared it up?....Talk about FOG.

I've listened to that interview twice and Newt sounds like the character Harold Hill from Music Man.

When ASKED THE QUESTION at the debate, he had the opportunity to clear up the amount. HE DID NOT. Look at his demeanor. He sounded like Diniro in Taxi Driver, "You talkin to me?"

When first asked the question. He didn't divulge THE REAL AMOUNT, because he realized that $300,000, WAS BAD ENOUGH!

Right Wingnut said...

Bos, the debate question explicitly included the year, "2006" in relation to the dollar amount. This is a reach on your part.

Noelle said...

Newt Gingrich has purposefully pitted himself against the media. Even if he were to win the White House (which he will absolutely NOT do), he would be an utter failure for the simple reason that the media would constantly work to destroy him. And they have enough material to succeed.

Even if Newt's policy proposals were perfect, he needs to be able to sell them to the people. The media has the ear of the people, and it would constantly work at cross purposes with Newt.

A successful president needs to combine good policy with positive presentation. Newt presents himself and his ideas in such a way that he talks down to everybody. Even his friends. I heard it in his tone with Laura Ingraham. That was a friendly interview, and the audience was also friendly, but nevertheless Newt talks down to them as if they're children.

BOSMAN said...


This is need to do this more often.

The debate host didn't realize that there was more from other years.

And Newt, being of HIGH CHARACTER and Proud of his ONGOING SERVICES to Freddie Mac, decided (God knows why) not to set him straight.

Anonymous said...

RW, a nothing-burger at 1.6 mil from the people largely responsible for economic meltdown?! Try selling that to the tea party.

If it walks like a duck, . . .


Anonymous said...

Newt says he was paid "handsomely" for his services.

Alan said...

Guys, Newt has way too many issues both politically and personally to risk nominating. Look, I like Newt but he is who he is, this is the guy that attacked Paul Ryan's plan calling it social right wing engineering, he has pushed cap and trade in the past, he pushed the healthcare mandate, he was forced to resign from congress and frankly he is not a man of principle or discipline. For heaven sakes this guy has had multiple affairs, bounced checks, ethics violations on top of these questionable lobbying details. If you think stuff is coming out on Newt now just wait until the 1 BILLION DOLLAR Obama political machine gets a hold of him. There are only 3 presidential debates and his ability to simply debate will not stand up to all of his baggage. Newt is not electable and frankly we may not want him in even if he was.