Saturday, November 19, 2011

Newt Gingrich's Fantasy White House

I have to wonder what a Newt Gingrich White House would look like.

Remember all those stories about various past Presidents offering big donors a sleep over? Those sleep overs could be small potatoes if Newt Gingrich's past actions are any indication of how he might utilize this new resource as President.

Several Physicians across the country received a greetings last year purporting to be from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. The gist of this fax was that Gingrich had settled on the Doctors who were to receive his, "2010 Champions Of Medicine Award". The fax packet included:
  • The Names who made the cut.
  • An invitation from Gingrich's America's Solution to attend a November 2 election night award's night combo. Recipients would watch the results with Gingrich and receive their awards.
  • A photo of the type of award you would be receiving.
THE CATCH when you call for further details:
  • There was no mention in the original fax of the fact that attendance at the event costs $5,000. $15,000 to reserve a table of seven if you want to bring people with you. accommodations were extra.
  • There is no explanation as to what merits qualifies someone for the 2010 Champions of Medicine" honor; or that hundreds, if not thousands, have received the same fax.
It seems that Gingrich had done something similar with a "2009 Entrepreneur of The Year".

This brings fund raising to a whole new level. Do you think a frame for the award cost extra?

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Anonymous said...

Bos, I was wondering when you were going to let loose and have some fun with Newt. Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

Bos, these photos are your best yet with photoshop. You have quite a talent with this. Funny article too.


Anonymous said...

fantasy, but dangerous for America : sometimes dreams turn into nightmares.

Anonymous said...

The GOP can not possibly nominate the man who has made millions from BIG government as their nominee. The man who voted yes for the creation of the Department of Eduacation as well as vocal supporter of cap and trade who makes kissy kissy with Nancy Pelosi on the White House couch.

Check out the Real Newt:

He would never win the General because people remember how he squandered his power and political capital when he was speaker and they also remember quite clearly his lack of discipline in his personal life.

Ohio JOE said...

"The man who voted yes for the creation of the Department of Eduacation" Shhhhh, don't tell CraigS and the Generalismo; they will join his camp.

Anonymous said...

OJ, your concern about Romney losing CraigS and Pablo's support is stunning. I never thought you cared so much about us little people in the Romney camp! :)