Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newt Gingrich: The Globalist

H/T Christina

The Newt Gingrich candidacy has spured exitement with those individuals and groups who have a Global view of a civil society and Global Governance:
Now, just how does NEWT GINGRICH, fit into the increasing momentum of the global governance agenda? He was, bluntly, an “early adopter.” In 1996 before he left Congress in scandal, he was putting together incredibly linked global governance networks. According to Anne-Marie Slaughter’s 2004 Princeton University Press book, A NEW WORLD ORDER:
“When Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, he was convinced that parliamentary networks would give domestic legislators a new role in foreign policy. In 1996 he sent a letter to his Russian counterpart, Gennadyy Seleznyov, to create a forum made up of members of U.S. and Russian legislatures to discuss issues of defense, foreign policy, energy, and the environment on a regular basis. The result was the U.S. Congress-Russian Duma Study Group.”
Newt Gingrich did this at the “legislative level.” His very good friend and New Age buddy, Al Gore, did likewise at the executive level. According to Anne-Slaughter, “The [Gore’s]commission created a special channel to advance not only common political objectives but also to enhance each politician’s political position at home.” (emphasis added) (Slaughter, A NEW WORLD ORDER, p. 114)
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Gee, with a background like this, I'm surprised President Obama hasn't seriously considered Newt as a potential running mate for his second term.

The following video, "The Real Newt Gingrich" is a chronological history of Newt Gingrich's time in Congress:

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Anonymous said...

That's one damning video.

He has more in common with Obama than he does the Republican Party

leighrow said...

So this is the guy that the ABR and Tea Party groups want to lead our country.Ron Paul is looking better every day..Ha Ha. People had better wake up..this guy will sell out the U.S.'s sovereignty. Knowing Newt's ego, he is probably positioning himself to be President of the world. I wonder why the media doesn't report on Newt's complete record?......They probably are too busy splicing and dicing Romney video's to portray Romney as the undesirable candidate.

Slick-Willy said...

Ron Paul posted a video smashing Gingritch. He hammers him pretty hard. It will take someone like Paul to help pull Newt down in my opinion. As much as I don't see Paul as a viable candidate, he's extremely credible and I wouldn't want him on my bad side.

Anonymous said...

So this needs to go further than this.

Who knows about this?

Drudge? Is there any media that can be trusted?

Big Government?

This is big. It needs to be read. and seen.

Rob Poliblog said...

Frankly this video verified for me newt is and never was part of the world government plan to take over cotroll and toss out the US constitution by these few evil banking families Rockefellers, rothchilds, Morgan. This was a propaganda film on behalf of ron paul which distorted everything about newt as if it were told by hillary or obama or someone on MSNBC. I watched it entirely and if anything, it verifies to me newt is definitely NOT part of this evil group of banking families and their puppets who are currently trying to destry our economy by collapsing the dollar and allowing a new world government to replace the US constitution. The worst thing this video could come up with was newt signing back in 1995 to create the Dept of Education (which 20 years later we know needs to be abolished or made transparant like newt has always been) and newt vote for NAFTA which was a vote for free interprise - an American concept then and now. It is absurd for this video to claim these two votes mean Newt is or even was some part of the wide spread group of washington leaders on both sides of aisle who are puppets for the elite global banking families trying to collapse the US economy and usher in a world government that will toss out our constitution. This is our nations greatest threat and if newt were part of it then he can go too. he was not. this is a propaganda film for ron Paul obviously. It quotes some marxist or pro world govt statement by someone ekse and then tries to deceive the viewer by then reporting newt had lunch with this character therefor this non american represents newt view or position. this video is full of this classic propaganda technique. If newt were part of the current evil group of one world govt planners, this video would have surely exposed him of it but it totally failed in convincing me of newts envolvment of such a non american world takeover plan. Even the video description of this video is false. It is no walk through of newt career. He is a historical champion for conservative values yet this video skips all of that. I loved both Bush's untill only a few monts ago along with several other republicans. Then I found they were part of this evil non american plan. Globalism in the mid 90s was a world growth fact and only some idiot would have then tried to deny free trade. Facilitating global markets then was pro business and pro free enterprse effort in the90s. That does not make you what we consider by todays definition of a globalist. Today it means you are part of this banking scam about to destroy America. Videos like this meant to mislead and confuse the issue in order serve ones own agenda through misleading others is exactly part of the problem. I should have known not to waste my 30 min watching once I saw a picture of Ron Paul on the top. All I wanted was one fact of something newt did to show me he was part of this criminal plan of today. I was totally opened and this video proved nothing negative of newt's part of this sinister plan. Frankly it verifies newt is not part of this banking group.