Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Herman Cain Plays the Religion Card

I was surprised when I found the following comments by Herman Cain on Mitt Romney in a recent interview with the Washington Times. In it Cain claims that Romney can't win the nomination nor beat President Obama, because he can't win the south. Here are his comments:

I guess Mr. Cain missed this. Oh, and he's not bothered by Governor Romney's faith. Even though HE'S the one who brought it up in the interview and then tried to relate it to some type of problem for Romney in the South.

Problem? Now let's see. Romney can't win the South? Is that right? South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia you say?

Lets take a look at the latest polling results from those states:


Head-To-Head: (Sunshine State Poll)
Romney 46%
Obama 42%

GOP Nomination: (PPP Polling)
Romney 27% (1st)
Cain 10% (4th)

South Carolina:

Head-to-Head: (PPP Polling)
Romney 50%
Obama 41%

Gop Nomination: (ARG Poll)
Romney 25% (1st)
Cain 10% (4th)


Head-To-Head: (PPP Polling)
Romney 46%
Obama 43%

Obama 44%
Cain 39%

So when you get right down to it, it's not Romney that's having a problem in the south. Now is it? I'd get to work on that Mr. Cain if I were you.

Now I don't want you to feel too bad, but guess who is beating or tied with Obama in the following swing states? It ain't you. Here are the latest polls. Take a peek:

New Hampshire
North Carolina

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craigs said...

Interesting that Cain was a big Romney supporter in 2008. Wonder what happened between then and now to change his mind about Mitt.
Perhaps a mirror, or maybe, like Perry, he is being "called". Seems a lot of GOP candidates are in daily communications with the deity.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that MA healthcare was in place 4 years ago when Cain, DeMint, Beck and numerous other conservatives supported Mitt. BUT after Obama's ram down our throats no matter what Obamacare passed, these people flipflopped and joined the "mandate" bandwagon going around!

I must admit I did revisit MA healthcare and Mitt's involvement. Without first listening to his explanation and continued support of MA's solution, I originally thought it might be better to distance himself from it. BUT, now I realize that would've been a mistake! He has been consistent in WHY MA did it, that it is HUGELY different in a state mandating rather than the federal gov't. His explanations and admissions that MA is not perfect, that in spite of his numerous vetoes, that he would do things differently, but that it was for MA. Don't forget, there was CONSERVATIVE support while writing the bill, too.

The "dishonest" thing about the Becks, Cains, etc. is that in the state of MA, the APPROVAL of their healthcare is amazingly high! They don't mention that truth when they continue with that "attack".

I like Herman Cain, but while he does have a point that SOME people don't think past a "religious test" for POTUS, MANY people in the US know that it's about JOBS and the ECONOMY!

I'm not voting for Pastor/Preacher in Chief (which is what Perry seems like what he would be wanting). I'm voting for someone with a STRONG resume on JOBS and ECONOMY. And someone........who doesn't have a lot of questionable baggage! ("Case closed" on the abortion. Study the facts on his support of traditional marriage.)

Right Wingnut said...

Oh, yeah. He definitely played the Mormon card here. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

as soon as cain realizes that he hasnt got a chance, i dont see who he will dropout and endorse but romney.

Anonymous said...

Cain is a piece of crap!

paul said...

Oh yeah, he is trying some snarky tactics out of desperation, realizing that he has to find some traction soon, or become irrelevant. He will kiss and make up later, once his window has passed. Cain, I mean.

Zeke said...

Excellent Bos!

It's hard to argue with facts.
Cain has the problem in the South. Not Romney.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

I am sort of baffled at this set of comments.

But I shouldn't be. Cain is the resident bigot in the GOP race...

Let's see when Cain drops out who he endorses.

Terry said...

Thanks for setting the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it--everyone left and right is going to play the religion card. Or nearly everyone. Romney has precious little else to go after.

I think it's going to get so bad that voters will finally just say enough, and it won't matter anymore.


Anonymous said...

Bosman...thanks for another excellent thread that includes the truth. IMO, there is not one state where Cain could beat Mr. Romney.


Tim said...

Thanks Bosman,

I knew you wouldn't let this slide by without setting the record straight and putting Cain in his place, irrelevancy.

Anonymous said...

Perry is the prophet, and Bachmann is out campaigning at churches. Pawlenty produced a vid last week telling us all about his faith. Gingrich (not that he matters) has been falling all over himself in the past two years to convince the religious right he's one of them. All of these people have gone on the bigot brigade radio shows sucking up to the religious right.

Every day we hear more about Perry's connections to the people who would dismantle the separation of religion and politics.

The GOP will shoot itself in the foot if it doesn't get the hell out of this nonsense.

Romney, in spite of his faith, is the only sane choice.


Anonymous said...

"Romney has precious little else to go after."

LOL, did you really write that? Romney has boatloads of baggage. The reasons why he is doing so well is because Huck isn't in the race, the other clowns who are running have more baggage, and better men, like Daniels, decided not to run.


Anonymous said...

As to the article, Cain is just another talk radio idiot/fraud who has to rely on the most knee jerk tactics because he doesn't have anything else.


Zeke said...

So DanL,

Who are you STUCK WITH?
Sitting this one out, are you?

Anonymous said...

Dan, yes I not only wrote it, it's true. I guess baggage is relative. Romney seems to have far less than the other candidates.

And he offsets his baggage with wildly out of proportion qualifications. No one else comes close. There's a reason he's running away with it.

I agree that Mitch would have been a great candidate, and that he probably has less baggage. But his qualifications, as great as they are, still don't match Romney's.

I actually hope Romney considers him for VP. He's more qualified than anyone else being suggested.


Anonymous said...

Romney has less baggage than all the other 'candidates' even the pretend ones. His poll numbers are proving that the bigots who think a Mormon can't be potus, but a nutbag who thinks he's a 'prophet' with fake 'apostles' is?

Yea, I get it.

Anonymous said...

To clarify my comments about Mitch's qualifications, I realize he's been in government for ages, and has great experience. He's been a fantastic governor.

What I should have said, is that I thikn Romney's experience is better in both the private and public sector. Not only that, Romney spent the last 5 years getting ready.


Anonymous said...

Zeke, it looks like I am stuck with Romney. If he is the nominee I'll vote for him. But he isn't getting any of my money, and I won't waste a day caucusing for him (my state of Idaho just went caucus). If Perry jumps in I might get fire up enough to really get behind Romney.

The candidates that would cause me to sit out the election are: Perry, Huntsman, and Johnson.


Anonymous said...

IMO Romney has MUCH less baggage than any of the other candidates. I think genuine family values are VERY important for our next president. I don't see any of the other candidates who can compare with Mr. Romney's family values, intelligence, experience and integrity. .


Anonymous said...

I am glad you caught this, Bos. I just finished reading commentary about this over at Article 6 Blog. By the way, they have some really good commentary about Michele Bachmann's religious stuff, as well. I highly recommend it.

I am not enamored of Daniels, but I acknowledge he might have been a decent candidate. Still, I have to point out that the little interlude in his marriage where his wife divorced him to marry her high school sweetheart, and then divorced the sweetheart to remarry Daniels is a pretty difficult problem to deal with in a national campaign. Apparently, the press has been relatively kind to them about this, but the national press would not, if he had chosen to run.

Now, I agree with you that this doesn't have much to do with being President, but the sordid media coverage of such a soap opera event in his marriage would be horrible.


Revolution 2012 said...

Excellent post Bos.

It's clear that Cain has a problem not Romney as you have documented so well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bos, for getting this out and putting the facts in a coherent and cohesive fashion. As Joe Garofoli said at the SF Chronicle: "Apparently, GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain woke up, looked at his puny, single-digit-and-dropping poll numbers, and decided to get his Mormon bash on with a not-too-subtle backhand at fellow Republican, and early poll front-runner Mitt Romney." I agree with the other commenters & I appreciate that Dan'l is willing to vote for Romney if he gets the nomination, even if he isn't his first choice. Aside from the other reasons people have mentioned for supporting Romney, one thing I can say is that if he becomes the next POTUS, he will treat it like a JOB and take that job very SERIOUSLY .. unlike our current POTUS who sees it as a prize he won & a resume-enhancement for the next campaign.


Anonymous said...

Gingrich, Cain enjoy home state cash, but Romney paces all in Georgia

Anonymous said...

dan, u wont to do much in idaho, its already a romney guarantee

Anonymous said...

Really, Cain, you really can't think of a reason why Mitt might be a more effective candidate now with this miserable economy as opposed to the last campaign when the issue was Iraq? You're a nice guy, but I knew you tanked for a reason.