Tuesday, July 19, 2011

INTRADE VP Sweepstakes

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at where the money is when it comes to the 2012 Vice Presidential Race. Of course we all know that whoever wins the nomination for President will make that final decision based on several issues including, Geography. Particular strength (s), Particular background. In most cases, the person chosen hopefully complements the ticket by helping to remedy any shortcomings of the nominee. Here is what Intrade says Today July 18, 2011. I've only included the TOP 10:

For an in depth look at each candidate and their chances, click HERE, and choose "2012 Republican VP Nominee".

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Anonymous said...

My VP choices:


McDonnell-confederate problem
Rubio - untested, little national experience.
Huck - too much baggage, mixed record.

I realize my choices might not be strategic, but I think it's important to consider 2020.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

Mitt's shortlist will look like this:

Huckabee - unity ticket
Jindal - turnaround ticket
Rubio - "Leading man" ticket
McDonnell - experience ticket (business/military)
Perry - jobs ticket

Zeke said...

Jim DeMint 26th?

I don't think so.
He and Romney are tight. There is a calculating reason that he is appearing reluctant to endorse Romney at this point.

When he does, it will be BIG!

Anonymous said...

Rubio would be OK, but I like DeMint better.

Revolution 2012 said...

I agree with you zeke.

Romney / DeMint in 2012!

Noelle said...

My top 3 choices, in no particular order, are Rubio, Jindal and DeMint.

What they all have in common - from the south, will bring the Republican party together.

The only reason Rubio is not my stand alone #1 choice is that by the time he would take office as VP he would have just finished his 2nd year in a six year term as senator. So far he has impressed me every time I've heard him open his mouth.