Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RIGHT SPEAK Vice-Presidential Poll UPDATE (04-09-12)

The chart below shows the results for our GOP VP Nomination Poll as of Monday night:

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The poll will close Saturday, April 14, at 11.59 PM EST.

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Anonymous said...

I can live with Paul Ryan.

newark hawk said...

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is the best choice for VP, IMHO, for the following reasons:

- historically, former governors are far better campaigners & presidents than former legislators are

- at 57 years of age, he's neither too young or too old to succeed Romney in the Oval Office

- born in Pennsylvania, raised in Virginia, he will strongly appeal to voters in 2 key battleground states

- as a practicing Roman Catholic, he balances the GOP ticket on the religion front

- as a former Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, with a daughter who was a platoon leader in Iraq, he brings invaluable military credentials to the GOP ticket

- serving 4 years as VA Attorney General, serving 14 years in the VA legislature, and working a decade or so in the private sector gives him the depth & diversity of experience that Sarah Palin could only dream of

- he won the VA governorship in 2009 with nearly 60% of the vote, including strong Tea Party support, and has maintained that level of popularity throughout his term

- in the mode of Ronald Reagan & Bill Clinton, he is extremely articulate, telegenic and personable

- last but not least, his squeaky clean personal life, combined with that of Romney, will surely frustrate the living daylights out of Team Obama's attack machine - a.k.a. "the mainstream media"

I have a sneaky suspicion that Romney has already figured all this out, and is just waiting for the appropriate time to announce that Bob McDonnell will be his running mate