Sunday, April 8, 2012

Who do you WANT to be the 2012 GOP Vice Presidential nominee? (Right Speak Poll)

UPDATE to the poll HERE!

I thought that in light of all the VP Buzz out there that we at Right Speak would approach the VP selection a little differently than others.

Most sites are polling to see who people "believe" will be the eventual VP nominee. Intrade as of Saturday night (04-07-12) has the race this way:


Now Intrade's choices are based on who investors "believe" will be the eventual GOP VP nominee.

This poll will be a little different. Our poll will foll to see of who you "want" to be the VP nominee. We all know that most times what you want isn't what you get.

What I've done is to take Intrade's choices and add a few of my own. Knowing that Mitt Romney will be the nominee, I'd personally like to see him pick Jim DeMint as his running mate and have given this poll it's first vote.


I'm sure I've left some folks off the list. You can always add them in Someone else.

This Poll will be open for 1 week. I will Post the results in a separate post.

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Massachusetts Conservative said...

I think we know who the Palin vote was! *cough* RW *cough*

Anonymous said...

Why aren't Gingrich, Santorum and Paul on the list?

Anonymous said...

I would assume they are not on the list because it is unlikely they would receive serious consideration for the position. I think most would agree with me on this one. Had any of them exited the race sooner they might have had a small chance, but still not likely.

Anonymous said...

Christie, Christie, Christie

Anonymous said...

What good is this poll if you can vote more than once, and believe me the Palin people will.

Anonymous said...

Condie would be amazing. Too bad she wont consider it!

Anonymous said...

This poll is worthless. It reminds me of the way leftists vote, as many times as they want to.

This is just a ploy to get hits to this slanted site.

Anonymous said...

ABP to her supporters,

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Anonymous said...


But you do, "Get What You Need"

Anonymous said...

Even Paul Ryan can't pull Mitten's arse out of the fire. Obama and the MSM will eviserate him. It is what it is. Get ready for four more years of the Marxist.

BTW, I agree. This poll is pointless. Reminds me of when the Ron Paul supporters would ruin an atempt at a legitimate poll.

Anonymous said...

"attempt".....sorry for the typo

ConMan said...

You guys sound like comspiracy theorists.

I was only allowed to vote once.

BTW, I didn't vote for Palin.

Ben said...

I agree with conman,

You think you're voting more than once, but you're not.

Try it. look at the count for your candidate before and after you vote. It doesn't change.

Anonymous said...

Funny on the Palin site they first posted go vote for her multiple times,then they post and complain because you can't,then they complain the poll is rigged.

Right Wingnut said...

Yes...I posted the link this morning. However, you can't vote multiple times. I've tried.

Evidently Bosman figured out how to do it. If anyone thinks 9000+ people have visited RS today to vote in that poll, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Socrates said...


If I buy a bridge, it has to go somewhere.

Right Wingnut said...

Socrates AKA Bosman...

Ha Ha Ha....

How's that macro working for ya?

Anonymous said...

Palin wants a career in media, not in politics. And she better hurry up, because she ain't getting any younger. Time is not kind to women's faces, and a woman in her 50's is just about done. Sorry, guys, Palin will never run for political office again. You'll have to catch her on TV (if she's lucky).

Kelly said...

It looks like Ryan and Rubio are in the lead:

Paul Ryan
Marco Rubio
Rob Portman
Jim DeMint
Chris Christie

I'd take any of them.

Right Wingnut said...

LOL, another 1000 people have voted in the past hour.

Bosman, you're going to have to add another server to keep up with all of this traffic!

Right Wingnut said...

10,000 + people on Easter Sunday. Hot Air usually only nets about 5-6000 for their online polls.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA The PALIN fans are a riot. They are mad that they cant hijack this poll by voting 50 times for their godess. Its comical to hear them complain that its rigged!

Sooo funny. Who are these people?

Anonymous said...

Condie Rice would be amazing!!!

What would be have to do to convice her?

Anonymous said...

I love Condi Rice, but she is a non-starter. First, she has repeatedly refused to run. She knows herself and her priorities. She is not cut out for elective office and has never held an elective office. Second, she's pro-choice, and Mitt has assured GOP voters that he will insist that his VP running mate be pro-life. End of discussion on Condi, despite her tremendous talents, charm, and intelligence.

Anonymous said...


I love Palin but she is smart to sit this one out until 2020

Anonymous said...

Jindal has the cred's but not the personality.

After that the response he gave a few years ago- its a wonder he still has a job.

Keep on truckin'

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