Monday, April 9, 2012

RIGHT SPEAK Vice-Presidential Poll UPDATE (04-08-12)

The chart below shows the results for our GOP VP Nomination Poll as of Sunday night:

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The poll will close Saturday, April 14, at 11.59 PM EST.

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Anonymous said...

Who is Darrel Issa?

Bev said...

Issa is a Congressman from CA. He is supposedly a billionaire.

Graham said...

Issa is the guy leading the investigation into Eric Holder for F&F. Good man.

Anonymous said...

yes, darell issa is a great man and he made his money buying businesses that were going bankrupt and saving them and selling them. so he knows about the economy also! :) very sucsessful business man!

Anonymous said...

Wow seems we have more Palin fans on this site than the regular 1 or 2 that we get.

Anonymous said...

Issa has also been with Romney from the beginning and has raised tons of money for him.

Graham said...

From Wikipedia on ISSA:

Mother was LDS (Mormon), father was Eastern Orthodox. Has ties to Jewish culture as well.

Spent the 70s in the Army, so he has a decade of military experience.

Actually he dropped out of high school to join the Army, then later got his GED and went to college. While in the Army he served under Wesley Clark (2004 Dem Pres candidate.)

His brother has a criminal record, and almost got Issa in trouble with the law re: car theft, but the charges were dropped.

He's been married twice. Made his money in the car alarm business, turning around crappy businesses along the way. Similar to Romney.

Got into politics in the late 80s.

Anonymous said...

So he's a turnaround expert that would appeal to veterans.

Would Romney choose someone who's background is so similar other than being a vet?

Graham said...


Honestly I don't think so. And while I doubt he'd make too big a deal of someone having remarried, others will point that out over and over. But then, Teddy Roosevelt was a widower who remarried, so BFD.

I still think Jindal is the one.