Monday, September 5, 2011

Mitt Romney or Rick Perry: Who should draw first blood?

Here is a question that many Romney fans are asking themselves. When it comes to a Romney vs Perry confrontation, should Romney draw first blood or should he sit back and let Perry implode on his own?

We've seen Perry take a few jabs at Romney and his MA health care. Romney has responded by indirectly bringing up issues that hit at some of Perry's soft spots.

In New Hampshire at a Town Hall meeting and again at an Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Romney pointed out that he had a record that was anti illegal immigration and that some states have incentives that actually encourage it. Perry is against a border wall and pushed for a Texas version of the Dream Act that gives in state tuition credits to the children of illegals in Texas.

In another speech, Romney emphasized his business background and that CAREER POLITICIANS know how to ruin an economy but don't have the know how to fix it. In a speech Tuesday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in San Antonio, Romney took aim at Perry without mentioning his rival, in the context of whether Obama is responsible for the country's economic slump.
"I am a conservative businessman. I spent most of my life outside of politics, dealing with real problems in the real economy," Romney said. "Career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out!" Perry has been a career politician in Texas for many years.
According to the Huffington post, a Romney adviser has stated that this new strategy is deliberate and is the beginning of what he called, "Death by a Thousand Cuts".

My questions are these:

Is this strategy enough or should the Romney camp revert to something like, Death by beheading?

As Right speak has pointed out in it's series of posts, the Rick Perry Chronicles, there are so many issues concerning Perry that need to be vetted, that the conservative media seems to be giving Perry a pass on. If they are not willing to vet Perry, is it the Romney campaign's job to do it?

Should Romney draw first blood or wait for Perry to do it?

What if Perry decides to sit back and not attack Romney? Especially if media outlets like Fox continue to ignore his record an questionable past dealings? Will Romney have a Tim Pawlenty moment by not making the first move?

With three debates this month, what is Romney's best strategy?

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Machtyn said...

I don't think Romney needs to draw first blood, Perry will do it himself. Let's just see how things are after the first couple of debates.

It's interesting how Mitt Romney is playing the media to research Perry and have them do the vetting without directly attacking Perry. If the media is not doing there job, it seems Mitt is playing them to make them do their job.

Anonymous said...

Well we all need to be donating blood to the american red cross.

larry said...

Mitt should make sure to drop hints in Perry's weak areas, immigration, SS, wec.

UNLESS, he's directly asked about Perry in a question.

Revolution 2012 said...

That black night video is a classic and really does seem to fit.

Perry = Black Knight