Monday, June 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann: Romneycare is unconstitutional ("I Think")

Well then, I guess that's it. The current flavor of the week claims that The health care system in MY STATE is unconstitutional. I'm glad she feels she's looking out for us poor misguided Massachusetts residents all the way from Minnesota.
“I firmly am against the individual mandate. I think it is unconstitutional, whether it’s put into place at the state level by a state legislature or whether it’s put into place at the federal level. I think it’s unconstitutional,” said Ms. Bachmann.
What's wrong with this is that unless she's talking about a different Constitution and not the Constitution of the United States, she really doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. Michelle, read the 10th Amendment.

Maybe you can slide by with your assessment because you qualify it by saying, "I think"? Then again, you think a lot of things. Among them, the shot heard around the world was fired in Concord, NH rather than Concord, MA. But I won't go into that today, there are TOO MANY  of your gaffes to cover in one post.

According to recent polls (1, 2) , Massachusetts residents are very happy with our health care system. The Boston Globe came out with an in depth article about Romneycare Sunday that said basically the same thing. Perhaps Ms. Bachmann, you're just not used to politicians listening to their constituents and giving theme what they want. I can understand that. There aren't to many. Other than Mitt Romney, they're few and far between.

Now let's get back to what is unconstitutional. Now I'll tell you what I think is Unconstitutional and why I supported Romneycare from the beginning. What is unconstitutional, Is the voluntarily uninsured STIFFING tax payers and those with health insurance EVERY TIME they walk into an emergency room. THAT is no longer the case in Massachusetts.

BTW, I wonder if Michele told Mitt that she thought Romneycare was unconstitutional when he was campaigning for her in Minnesota for re-election back in 2008? She didn't seem to question is Ma health care plan then. Come to think of it, She didn't question his stand on Pro-life issues either.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! how can she get away with saying that it is unconstitutional when a judge just declared that it is constitutional! really? this sure shows stupidity! wow! all romney has to say is what part of the judges statement do you not understand?

Ann said...

Great article Bosman.

You took Bachmann down a notch or two.

Anonymous said...

I'm perfectly fine with Bachmann as a stand in for Palin. Neither are electable in any way, shape or form, and Bachmann's shortcomings will do her in, just as Palin's would. Romney doesn't have to say a single word.

Let her keep talking and make sure she has enough rope.


Conservative Against Idiots said...

Bachmann caught in another lie. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Great timing guys. Bachmann must be getting close to Romney in the polls. You have two choices. You can build your guy up or you can tear the other guy down. I prefer the former.
As an undecided voter with an unbiased lens, I can see the slight squirming of the Romneyites as Bachmann gets closer in the polls.


carlo said...


So here lies and mis-information should go unchallenged?

Doug NYC GOP said...


There is no "squirming" on the Romney team. Bosman was just setting the record straight.

As an "undecided" voter you should appreciate people who are clarifing the misinformation put forth by the candidates, no?

Your tone seems to indicate you're just trying to have a little fun and stir the pot today

Doug NYC GOP said...

Misstatements and misconceptions like this occur, because the candidates are not well breifed on the isses.

They get their talking pints and then run with them. Since none of them have done any actual real work in the HC field, it's natural to see platitudes instead of details.

Anonymous said...

Reagan, you must be joking, as Doug said. There's no way Bachmann has the slightest capability to hurt Romney.

Absolutely none. She is the most unelectable candidate running of the top 6.

Shes a dream come true for Romney.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Someone get Bachmann a GPS....first the Concord NH this....

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin could actually win the nomination, somehow. I'll admit, the path is convoluted and highly unlikely at the present.

But Bachmann has NO SHOT period. She is not a serious candidate and never will be. She's in this for the face time. She can't possibly believe she has a chance. She's knows she's in it to highlight her issues, nothing more.


Revolution 2012 said...

I agree that after Iowa, Bachmann has NO CHANCE of winning the nomination.

If either Palin or Perry jump in and compete in Iowa, here numbers will dop like a rock!

larry said...

Bachmann is an accident waiting to happen.

When it comes to gaffes and mis-speaks, she makes Palin look like and amateur.

Steve Florman said...

"What is unconstitutional, Is the voluntarily uninsured STIFFING tax payers and those with health insurance EVERY TIME they walk into an emergency room."

Actually, that's not unconstitutional either, just unethical.

BOSMAN said...



Do you mean that because "I Think" or "I Feel" something is so, doesn't make it true?

Someone contact Michele and let her know!

ConMan said...

She really does seem to have her mouth leading the brain problem. A problem tailor made for Democratic ads

Zeke said...

The liberal media are playing their criticism of Bachmann close to the chest.

They want her as the nominee. They saw what they did to Palin, she was their first choice.

THEY'RE SAVING their ammunition on her hoping she's the nominee.

Ann said...

Romney backed Michele, when she was down in the polls and it looked like she could lose. He was one of only a few who stood by her.

So much for loyalty.

Anonymous said...

Agree, Ann. Take their PAC money, their support and the "stab" when you "need" to. So much for.....character and being "true".

I can tolerate Michele easier than Palin (more succinct than Sarah!), but not liking to see this part of her character. Is being POTUS worth whatever? The ends justify the means?

female from OK