Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Massachusetts likes RomneyCare

Contrary to what the media would ask you to believe, it appears that the majority of Massachusetts voters prefer RomneyCare and that they even prefer it to ObamaCare .Very interesting from a state that is supposed to be bankrupt because of Romney's healthcare program. This according to PPP today:

Massachusetts on the health care plans

"Voters in Massachusetts like the health care plan that Mitt Romney signed into law as Governor and they like the one Barack Obama signed into law as President too...but overall they like Romneycare better than Obamacare.

53% say they support Romney's plan to 33% who are opposed while 50% say they support Obama's plan with 40% in opposition. The main reason Romney's plan is more popular is that independents narrowly support what he did on health care (45/42) while they still oppose Obama's plan (35/54). Democrats support both of the plans but unsurprisingly like Obama's (77/11) better than Romney's (67/17). Republicans likewise oppose both of the plans but do give Romney's better marks (27/57) than Obama's (7/88).

Even though most Republicans in the state oppose what Romney did on health care they don't go so far as to say he needs to apologize for it. Just 32% think he should take that step to 50% opposed to an apology and 18% unsure."
All very interesting. We'll see how this plays out in the debate next week

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