Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can Newt Gingrich overcome the Sleaze Factor

Right Speak has posted a few threads that point out and discuss Newt Gingrich and the problems with a Gingrich candidacy:

Newt Gingrich: Have I Got an Award For You!
Gingrich for…..well, Gingrich!
Newt Gingrich: Will He or Won't He?

Not only does Gingrich have lots of baggage from his personal and political life, he has continued since leaving congress to be involved with what I call, the Sleaze Factor. The following video by Rachel Maddow gives a taste of what I'm talking about:

Well you would think that Gingrich would slow down a bit knowing that most people are on to him now. Well, think again.

How about trying to cash in on Veteran's Day. It seems that this past Veteran's Day, Gingrich was trying to peddle his novels in what was suppose to be a tweet honoring Veterans.

Here is another example of his trying to cash in on Veteran's Day:

One has to continue to wonder, if Newt is serious this time when he says that he's seriously considering a run in 2012. His ex-wife thinks it's ALL about making money.

I think she may be right! I wonder how many Sham wows Newt could peddle in a day?


Ann said...

How can anyone consider Gingrich for President is beyond me.

Pablo said...

Bosman, nice site you have here. I think I will poke around some more. I am having my doubts about the long term survival of Rightosphere.

BOSMAN said...

Thanks Pablo,

You're welcome here any time. Hope to see more of you.

I agree about ROS. I don't know what's going on there. I noticed Aron's not posting polls there anymore. He's spending all his time over at the old site. ROS has been almost deserted these past 2 weeks.

When people began dropping like flies, I knew it was time to look for another outlet. Many of the banned ROS folks drop by over here now. We're a 'NO BAN ZONE'!

Bill589 said...

Hi Pablo -
Yes, they don’t even ban me.

I don’t care for Newt. I don’t trust him.
I agree with the post, but I have to say: Using an msnbc video as evidence of ‘truth’, is possibly as bad as trusting Huffington or Salon to tell the truth.

Pablo said...


I can't believe that you got banned. I have never heard you say anything offensive (despite the fact that we disagree a lot lol)

Anonymous said...

I agree Ann. I can't imagine the word President and Gingich appearing in the same sentence.

This guy should write a book, You to Can Be Successful in the World of Snake Oil.


Tracey said...

I believe that Newt, Huck and Palin are in the business of self promotion. They tease about running for President to keep the interest high.

phil said...

I could never support this man.

kelly said...

I love he humor in the Gingrich photo. It's so contrary.

Anonymous said...

Awesome video by Newt...he's a historian and a patriot...