Friday, December 10, 2010

The latest Sarah Palin News

1. According to Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin is one of the "10 Most Fasinating People of 2010".

I can understand that. I'm fascinated by how approximately 25-30% of Americans feel she's qualified and or READY to be President. What the heck are they thinking?

2. Well the next time Sarah Palin is asked if she has any experience in Foreign affairs, she'll be able to wave her passport around.

Palin is Heading to Haiti this weekend with evangelist Franklin Graham to visit a cholera clinic. No, not as a patient silly. I'm sure it is to view the devastation caused by this outbreak and the efforts to get it under control.

It is then being reported that she will be heading to Israel and Britain

3. Palin & Ryan in 2012!

No, I'm not changing my support of Mitt Romney, I'm just giving you the gist of a new Politico prediction of Redstate's Dan McLaughlin, Who states:

If you’ll permit me, I’m going to go on record with a very early prediction about 2012. Sarah Palin has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this morning endorsing Paul Ryan’s Road map as a good plan for rescuing the nation’s fiscal solvency. It’s far from the first time that former Gov. Palin has spoken warmly of Congressman Ryan and his ideas.
I have no idea as of yet who is running in 2012 and who isn’t, let alone who will be the GOP nominee, and other than being committed to finding a candidate who (1) has executive experience and (2) isn’t Romney (not that I’m likely to back Huckabee, either), I haven’t settled on a candidate and haven’t ruled out any of the remaining contenders.
But I will predict this the rest HERE.
Now I know what Mitt Romney's plan is for the economy. We now know where Paul Ryan stands. Does Palin have her OWN plan? I can't wait to hear Sarah discuss the economy "LIVE" on tv. Discussing WHY she's endorsed Ryan's plan over other strategies. How long do you think i will need to wait?


Doug NYC GOP said...

Good final question. We shall see. I get the feeling Sarah is trying to steal Paul's homework.

Bos- check your Hushmail.

Pablo said...


I sent you something to your Hushmail also. Doug, thanks for the email at ROS and that is what my email to Bos is about.

BOSMAN said...

REAL HAPPY Pablo that you came on board!

BOSMAN said...


I won't hold my breath waiting for a live interview from her on an economic plan. My guess is it won't happen until the debates if she decides to jump in.

Everything on tv now is deceiving anyway. Half the time you don't know if something is live of taped. ESPECIALLY when it comes to Fox.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bos,

Are you sure Palin's not checking in?

I wouldn't expect Palin to discus Ryan's economic plan. There's quite a bit of information there and her hands aren't that big.


Ann said...


You're to funny!

tracey said...

@Doug- I get the feeling Sarah is trying to steal Paul's homework.

I agree. She likes his plan so she will do that.

Very funny blog Bos.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know Romney's detailed economic plan...oh that's right he doesn't have one either. Palin has written extensively about her economic beliefs as has Romney. Give it a rest already.


Anonymous said...

Haha, Jersey, the details we do have about Mr. Romney's plan do not trill us.


phil said...


"I'd like to know Romney's detailed economic plan."

Read his book. It's a lot closer to a plan than Palin or Huckabee will ever have.

kelly said...


I agree!