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Biden’s Border Security Executive Order is a Ruse: Why Biden's Executive Order Does Zero to Secure the Border

Biden’s Border Security Executive Order is a Ruse:
Why Biden's executive order does zero to secure the border.
More than three years after President Biden lifted the Trump administration’s stringent border security measures that kept Americans safe, Mr. Biden has had an epiphany. He suddenly discovered – no doubt, helped along by his dismal poll numbers – that “if the United States doesn’t secure our border, there’s no limit to the number of people who may try to come here.”
Too bad for the American people that President Biden’s open border and catch-and release policies since he took office have placed no limit on the number of illegal immigrants entering the country and making phony asylum claims.
In a desperate effort to spin the yarn that he is tougher than the Republicans in solving the border crisis that he created, President Biden signed an executive order on June 4th entitled “A Proclamation on Securing the Border.”
President Biden’s executive order invokes the emergency authority he has under Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to suspend or limit entry of any or all illegal immigrants into the United States, whom Biden’s executive order refers to simply as noncitizens. “The entry of any noncitizen into the United States across the southern border is hereby suspended and limited” above a specified threshold, the executive order states. For months, President Biden denied that he had such executive authority.
That threshold, which has already been exceeded, is reached when the Secretary of Homeland Security has determined that “there has been a 7-consecutive-calendar-day average of 2,500 encounters or more,” subject to a host of exceptions. The suspension and limitation on entry would be discontinued “14 calendar days after the Secretary makes a factual determination that there has been a 7-consecutive-calendar-day average of less than 1,500 encounters…”
President Biden’s 2500 daily threshold still normalizes the entry of more than 900,000 illegal immigrants per year into the United States. And the exceptions to who will be counted towards meeting the threshold swallow the rule. The exceptions include the following categories of illegal immigrants who will still be admitted into the United States despite the executive order:
Unaccompanied children. Human traffickers bringing these children across the border will still cash in.
Any “noncitizen” who is determined to be a victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons. In other words, illegal immigrants claiming they have severely suffered at the hands of human traffickers whom the illegal immigrants paid to smuggle them into the U.S. are not barred from entry by President Biden’s suspension and limitation order. Even if there are no severe crimes that the smugglers committed against an illegal immigrant they are trafficking, there is nothing to stop the illegal immigrant from making up a story claiming such mistreatment. 
Any “noncitizen” whom the Secretary of Homeland Security, acting through a Custom Border and Patrol (CBP) immigration officer, permits to enter the U.S.“based on the totality of the circumstances” (including for urgent humanitarian reasons) or “operational considerations.” With impeached Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in charge, these vaguely worded exceptions give Secretary Mayorkas plenty of leeway to direct his border agents to wave in far more than 2500 illegal immigrants a day into the country.
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