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UKR Builds Defensive Lines Near Chasiv Yar; Even Sneaking Through Water Pipes Isn’t Helping RU's Capture Chasiv Yar; Kharkiv Oblast Even More Stable; Intense Battle in Vovchansk; UKR Stalls RU Advance Towards Borova; UKR Attacks 4 Refineries, Shahed Drone Storage Sites in RU; 99 C-Clashes in 7 Sect, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, + LOTS MORE

The Pomsta Brigade builds defensive lines near Chasiv Yar:
The Pomsta (Revenge – ed.) Brigade, consisting of border guards, was involved in the defense of the Ukrainian town of Chasiv Yar.
The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said that the border guards were supposed to gain a foothold on the second line.
However, the rapid change in the situation on the front line also affected the tasks assigned.
“Later, when the advance began, we managed to stop the enemy for a while, and were tasked with restoring positions near Bohdanivka (near Chasiv Yar – Ed.),” said officer Maksym Vychavka.
The Pomsta Brigade was formed on the basis of the Luhansk Border Guard Detachment, which has been fighting the Russian invaders since spring 2014.
The combat capabilities of this unit were also significantly increased, which strengthened the brigade’s ability to defend and repel Russian assaults.
In recent weeks, the Russian military has stepped up its pressure in the direction of the town of Chasiv Yar and surrounding villages.
Nazar Voloshyn, a spokesman for the Khortytsia operational-strategic group, said that 65 clashes had taken place there last week. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian defense ministry capture
Even Sneaking Through Water Pipes Isn’t Helping Russian Troops Capture Chasiv Yar:
After 10 weeks, the Russian assault on the town has ground to a halt.
On April 4, Russian regiments attacked Chasiv Yar, a Ukrainian stronghold just west of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. Their goal: to capture or flatten the town and squeeze the main supply lines connecting Ukrainian brigades up and down the eastern front of Russia’s wider war on Ukraine.
Capturing the nearly lifeless town, once home to 12,000 people, shouldn’t have been terribly difficult for the numerically superior—and more heavily armed—Russian army in Ukraine. But 10 weeks later, the Russian attack has ground to a bloody halt with the Russians having captured maybe a few dozen outlying structures out of several thousand in Chasiv Yar.
Worse for the Russians, a Ukrainian counterattack south of Chasiv Yar in recent days has pushed occupying forces out of the village of Klishchiivka, one of the southern anchors of a pincer Russian forces are trying to form in order to surround Chasiv Yar.
The Ukrainian defense of Chasiv Yar, led by the army’s 41st and 67th Mechanized Brigades, 56th Motorized Brigade and 5th Assault Brigade, as well as the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade, has defied expectations. As recently as late May, Ukrainian analysis group Frontelligence Insight predicted Chasiv Yar “will eventually be lost to Russian forces.”
While that could still happen, the trends aren’t looking good for the Russians around Chasiv Yar. Their timing was off.
In early April, Ukrainian brigades were desperately short of ammunition—mostly due to Russia-friendly Republicans in the U.S. Congress blocking further aid to Ukraine starting in October. "Our artillery was silent," a 5th Assault Brigade trooper named Dmytro told Kyiv Independent.
At the same time, the 67th Mechanized Brigade, then defending Chasiv Yar’s most vulnerable district—its canal district on the exposed eastern side of the Donbas Canal—was melting down. Investigators from the defense ministry in Kyiv had identified deep dysfunction in the brigade’s command staff, leading the ministry to dismantle the brigade and then rebuild it—a process that took weeks.
Two months ago, the Ukrainian garrison in Chasiv Yar was weak. Its air defenses were so low on missiles that Russian air force Sukhoi Su-25 attack jets could fly within just a few miles of the town to lob their rockets—something that would have been virtually suicidal for their pilots just a few months earlier. Russian first-person-view drones were thick in the sky. --->READ MORE HERE
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